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Friday, 11 October 2013

Deer Island - review

'Kay now. I have given this story two X's cuz clearly TXRad thinks cousins mucking about is very naughty. Since he thought it was naughty, and incest is naughty, I was a bit hesitant whether to review his naughtiness on my feminist review blog. But I tell you what, TX is Hot! I mean his writing, OF COURSE, and frankly, cousin incest seems to me like Ooh, let's play naughty, I will show you my bottom tee hee hee! while anyone trying to convince me to review father/daughter stuff is taking on a lo-ong hard job. (Not that I mind long hard things <snerk>.)

I was kinda puzzled by TX's even calling this an incest story, as in Britain cousins are allowed to get up to all sorts - even marriage. I ran a thread on the writers' board enquiring about it, and it was explained that there are different laws on incest even in different American States. There we are. The ways of the world are strange, especially when it comes to regulating sexuality. As the cartoon of Tory MPs protesting about the vote to lower gay sex between young men put it: "But what fun would it be if it was legal?"

Deer Island is a great story, with lots of lovely background detail about boating. I love stories which give you information about technical things you didn't know about before, so that was already a winner for me. And it has a redhead in it, and let's face it, redheads are Hot! There is good back story which places the characters without taking over from the erotic. The ending is abrupt (could probably just have left it hanging) and comments beg TXRad for more on this story, but that shows what a fun frolic it is.

Why Deer Island has particularly made it onto this feminist safe sex review blog is, partly that there is lots of sexy stuff which is safe (of course). Also, TX's Hot! redhead is steaming for it, not being at all a shy little flower of the kind we love to despise in Mills and Boon/Harlequin romances. And the hero (in a manly Texan way - oooh, swoon!) says, "No. We can have some fun but we must sort out proper protection before we get down to anything risky." I like to find a man who is strong enough to master his strong manly urges cuz I think it is a load of bull that men are just not able to control these urges which are too strong and manly for anyone to Just Say Lemme Have a Think About That.

Strong women and strong men - ahhh, Mr. Rad, you know what floats my boat (wink). 

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