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Friday, 8 August 2014

Anna's Milk

Characters leap off the screen in this fetish romance, lifting this and the second chapter up into hot red H territory. This is a story that milk and breast fetishists will particularly savour, and the rest of us are are also well served with plausible and convincing character and plot development. There are as yet only two chapters submitted, however I am hopeful of more to come (as it were <snerk>).

The sexual activity of Anna's Milk is taboo and worrying - and exciting. However our sympathy is really caught by the characters. The central character David is easily manipulated. But Anna is not a bitch, she clearly doesn't realise how strong her sexual power is, how beautiful she is, how much control she has. She is sad and reaching out for comfort so we can sympathise with her even while we anxst deliciously about what is going to happen next.

"Oh my god. I just realized something, David—did you know that to some people I'm now a MILF?" so starts the second chapter. Anna still hasn't clicked what hotty totty she is. David is having big trouble fending off the men she innocently flirts with at the swimming pool. 

The genuine human dilemmas of the story create great tension. David should not mess about with his best friend's wife, even though he loves her with a sweetness beyond milk and honey. But Gosh, the second chapter offers further twists to the tale, revealing problems in Nick's relationship with Anna which could excuse her slagging about a bit. How classic that Nick never talked about these problems with his best friend, David!

Background detail is realistic, down to the poopy nappy changing. The amount of detail is not intrusive, you get a great sense of what life is like for a new young family. David's growing affection for baby Ben is another realist and appealing element to the story. 

Men's and women's friendships are equally well drawn. In this second chapter, we get to meet Moira, with whom Anna is very close. There's a slight edge to their friendship, although you know they are real chums. Too often women friends are depicted as bitchy about each other. We do acksherly dress up more for guys, however we also dress for each other and love to compliment and make each other feel good about looking good, like Anna and Moira do.

Gurrrllzzzz read this one and learn: You are gorgeous! Being unaware how gorgeous you are can lead to all sorts of trouble ... hopefully <snerk>. LOL, Trouble with a capital Tit can be great fun in a story. In Real Life, it's better to be in control and choose whether you do or don't want to play - at home or away.

I branded this story XX. The characters are young and there is (as yet) no penetrative sex. However the activity is highly charged with sexual tension, this is less a coming of age story and more a mature exploration of difficult dilemmas in an adult world of sexual love. (yesterdays handles this well by making this a flashback story, rather than writing directly from the PoV of a young man.) My discussion of the story's realism has two sides to it. On the one hand, this is a 'plausible' story, the background and characters are true-to-life. On the other hand, this is a story which gives us insight into how human relations work. This insight can be offered through a straight representation of the good, beautiful and true. It can also be offered when the story is mirroring goodness, beauty and truth through a depiction of the bad, ugly and skewed. Whichever way this story turns out will be fascinating both for people who like a strong story and those who enjoy a human drama.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Naoko Smith, for this generous and perceptive write-up about my story! Chapter three of Anna's Milk should be up at Literotica soon. You have a wonderful site here that has helped me discover some hot stories I would have otherwise missed. Thanks!++

Best wishes, yesterdays

Naoko Smith said...

Cheers my dear! always pleased when I find an exciting new story to highlight for the wider audience. I'm glad you're enjoying the other stories reviewed on here too. :)