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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Rats in the Machine - review

This little Halloweenie is punching well above its three page weight. MSTarot has got a full story going here, although a comment (and me) are still asking for more. There are a number of interesting things going on in this one, and I am going to enjoy myself at leisure unpacking them.

Let's begin with the structure. This is a love story sandwiched in a revenge story: the tender romance is enveloped in a brief harsh account of a business partnership gone badly wrong. In sharp contrast to the bitter beginninng and ending scenes, the sex scene is long, lingering and loving. Hopefully there is a happy ending? although we are being left in some suspense, as with MSTarot's one page Halloween shorties.

A previous story by MSTarot also explored the theme of work which isn't recognised in money value. The Golden Ring is a fullblown showstopper of a story, set convincingly in the world of wrestling. It was my personal favourite of the Friendly Anonymous Writers' Competition 2 entries, and I regretted that the fullblown sex in it meant I couldn't review it on here. In that story, a wrestler tussles more with the realisation that he might not hit million dollar star status than with his opponents in the ring. In this story, the genius of a computer game designer is cynically exploited by someone whose interest is only in money. This is a more rushed story, as is common for competition entries. However hopefully MSTarot will take it away and polish it; Literotica in particular lends itself to allowing authors to get good feedback via comments and then reload. The problem of money value and intellectual value doesn't have quite the sophisticated consideration in Rats in the Machine as it does in The Golden Ring, and the exploitative business partner here is a cartoon villain whereas characters in The Golden Ring had more substance to them.

There is no ostensible problem with one-dimensional cartoon characterisation, and that fits with the broad brush approach to the theme on value and money in the plotline about the business partnership. The rest of the story is a different animal, it has realist depths and subtle tones to it; it's this stylistic misfit between the two parts of the story that jars, not the way either half is written. 

Maybe the down attitude to computer games could also be refined. Computer games are generally viewed with anxious antipathy - although considering the online writing you do, MST, you might have a bit of sympathy, LOL. I guess there are kids who are being sucked into playing all day and night to the detriment of their neurons, and I suppose it depends too on what games are being played. Mine poddles on and off some popular sites which I have never thought problematic. I have never either had cause to restrict her online time perhaps because there is so much else for her to do offline: baking, sewing, playing football, going camping with the cub scouts. I see friends of hers (mainly boys) socialising in games online in ways which I think encourage their social skills as well as maths and design skills. Indeed, computer gaming and social media have been pinged as a good means to allow autistic and otherwise less socially able kids to engage without having to be too emotionally involved.

Now let's talk about sex *rubs little hands gleefully*. Wow, there is more packed into this one scene than in a whole chapter series in other stories. The actual physical sex is hot and active with a particularly fantastic blowjob. I'm not so sure about the suckjob, I am suspicious when women's juices are described as if they are desserts. Personally I always got a yoghurt or lemon tang, and sometimes a whiff of fish. Maybe I just haven't met the right woman ;). There are also a whole stack of emotional 'issues' to explore: the young man hesitant but realising he wants to give commitment; the young woman struggling to overcome sexual trauma; the noble young man who will be patient, loving and do sex how the lady likes it - because he likes to love her. (Aww, excuse me, just some dust in my eye - so romantic *sigh*.)

I'm confused about the penetrative sex. Here the story needs tidying up. Rhonnda, our hero's lovely girlfriend, refuses to let him cum inside her until they are married, and also because of a previous trauma. MSTarot is vague about the previous trauma, and the hints given are again more like cartoon villainy. Really, it's quite rare to be raped and the rapist shot by a police officer. It's very normal for some poor woman to have been raped but just keep her head down, and for her and any future men friends to have to grit their teeth and be polite to the sh*t for the sake of good family relationships. (Excuse me while I roll my eyes and make myself a cup of tea here. Oh alright, I had a strong drink to take the taste of that thought out of my mouth.) Unfortunately the anger and even violent retribution of good men on bad men does not necessarily help the survivor get over sexual trauma, the survivor has to figure it out for herself (usually it's a her). 

The way the story was unfolding, I thought Rhonnda was going to refuse penetrative altogether because it was too reminiscent of previous trauma. I am not going to say that should be written out of the story, because Rhonnda's reaction, her tears, are exactly the reaction of women who have been through trauma, when they finally get to have good sex again. (Yeah, it sucks, huh. Not in a good way.) So-o-o, bit of work which needs doing there. (One way to go might be to write the f***ing sh*t back into the story and make it an emotionally gruesome tale, although I admit that that would take some doing. Half a novel it took me in my romance trilogy! and I never succeeded in finally killing off the f***er.)

MSTarot is such a fantastic writer that the disparate elements all hang together in a gripping yarn. The sex is hot and lovely. Rhonnda is a cutie (other characters need filling out). Plenty of scope here for expansion, and uh *whisper* any chance of a few more blowjobs, my dear?

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