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Monday, 30 November 2015

Exploring the Ring of Kerry

Good Housekeeping talk enviously 
about Darcy Bussell's wardrobe.
The dynamic duo are back! curl is going to review another of Gorza's stories but this time he is going to be Bruno Tonioli and I'm going to be Darcy Bussell. Gosh, why should he get to wear all the pretty dresses (wink). As Bruno, curl gets to be a little bit stricter (oooh! give me that stern disciplinarian glare), and to wave his arms about enthusiastically

(Actually curl is going to do this review on his own. I just wanted to try on that gorgeous black lace frock and say nice things about Gorza's armography - wink.)

curl says:
As you know from a previous review, I am very enthusiastic about Gorza, a new author on Literotica. During that review, Naoko painted me as the "Darcy" critic with only sweet things to say. That prior story hit some very special notes for me and I am using a slightly sharper pencil this time on a somewhat longer (seven Literotica pages) and highly enjoyable story of Gorza's.

I actually did the tourist thing to tour Ireland's Ring of Kerry many years ago, so I was quite nostalgic at the way Gorza captured Irish speech patterns in Exploring the Ring of Kerry. As I said in the prior review, Gorza uses his skill with languages to very good effect in his erotic stories.

I was disappointed with the beginning of the story. I think the opening line is uncharacteristically weak.  Plus several times during the introduction, this story seems to present itself as an adolescent male fantasy, obsessed with the breasts of a female passenger who joins him in the back of a bus. My own stories are very much male fantasies, because that's the limit of my skill set. Gorza's a much better writer than I am so I expect more of him.  

After the introduction, he writes a crackling-great story about the sexual fireworks between the male point-of-view character and an intelligent, strong, vibrant, empowered female character. I won't spoil the story by revealing all the different ways they manage to have sex during the bus ride. Gorza's writing is spectacular, providing very patient and engaging descriptions of their lively, quick-witted, and extremely hot sex play.  They use condoms naturally and skillfully and as an integral part of the story.  The story is written with great freshness and includes a captivating spelling game. Gorza's evocative treatment of the emotions of the characters makes this a delightful and captivating reading experience.

I usually simply refuse to read anal stories. About ten percent of this story ventures into that territory, but it was so well-handled that I gladly read about things that in a lesser story by a lesser writer I would simply have skipped over.


Gorza said...

Thanks, curl, for your review. This was the first story I wrote for Literotica, the first piece of published fiction I've done. I agree with you that the opening is weak. The story doesn't get going until we get to Aoife's banter. I think I would, if I were to write it again, start with very first line of her dialogue, and then write in bits and pieces of the backstory as I went. Perhaps this is one story to come back and rewrite, but I'd rather work on new writing.

I'm glad to hear you liked the anal sex in the story. I didn't want to write it as 'porn'. I wrote it to develop Aoife's character, and I hope it describes something about her relationship with sex and how deeply she allows to feel connected to Mark. She also returns the 'favour'.

It's about sexual healing, the serendipity of the moment, and how short loves can be great loves. I'm glad you liked it.

Naoko Smith said...

Pretty hot for a first story, Gorza! I really liked the way you explored how a casual relationship could yet be a meaningful and healing one.