This blog isn't about sex. It's about great sex! I set it up because you only live twice, once in your dreams.

This blog is a portal to the wonderful world of web-based erotic writing. It also serves as a filter: finding stories for you to enjoy without worrying. Use both the reviews and the labels to help you identify stories which will suit your tastes. If the idea of ‘oral’ makes your stomach churn, click on ‘romance’ in the label cloud. Use the rating system: from 0 for nonsexual to XXX for eyebrow raising. (Just your eyebrows will do, thank you, sheesh!)

And use the biggest sexual organ in your body: that’s your brain, dumbo! Which bit of you do you think processes the little messages from your nerve endings in a kiss and releases the endorphins that make you go Whoopdidoo! As you read the reviews and choose stories, as you follow up other stories from those outside of this site: Think before you Click. Come Home quickly if you’re not sure about what you find. Some stories out there are far out on the wild side because humans are inventive beings –not always in nice ways.

Remember too that these are fantasy erotic stories and so the sex is always sizzling. In another life, just being close to someone you have always liked is usually enough. They won’t need a 10“ wonger or GG breasts to turn you on.

Take care of your sweet self and enjoy your dreams.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

A Vintage Little Number - review

From Wine Searcher

I am feisty at fifty myself, so I like a good cougar tale. I found that once I hit the big 5 oh, I couldn't be bothered to keep up the proprieties and I decided to age disgracefully. I collected a stack-load of cubs panting in my wake, so I realised that age cannot wither a woman's appeal if she is willing to snerk a lot and have a larf. An older woman is mature, vintage, as full of taste and body as a good wine.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Odd Shaped Balls - review

No no, dahlinks! This is a proper
pic of a proper rugby player:
England's Paul Sackey which I
have put in to show you the shape
of the ball. The rugby ball!
You surely do not think would
use gratuitous images of naked
men. (From Brisbane Times.)
Well, the Six Nations is upon us. Those who know and love me well will be amazed that such is my dedication to this blog, I have taken time out to write a review at this time. I was unable to resist using the occasion to mention this exceedingly Hot Hot Hot delicious story about a lovely lady who hooks herself a couple of balls (wink).

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Winter Heart-Warmer - review

Card available 
from Zazzle

I have long wanted to review one of Oggbashan's stories and in fact he kindly sent me a list of the ones which are safe sex, which I promise to reproduce for you at some point. I have been bogged down in Real Life recently so I didn't manage to get onto those. Then I saw he had won the Winter Holiday competition on Literotica and I formed the noble intention of reading his and the other two winners' stories and reviewing them if suitable.

Well, what with the seasonal activities: stuffing a bird (wink), filling my stocking (wink), trimming my tree (wink nudge) and sucking on a little sausage or two (<snerk>), I was slow off the mark and by the time I got round to reading the stories, the list had disappeared to make way for the Valentine's Day entrants. I think it would be a Good Thing if previous competition winners were listed somewhere, so we can all go and pick out a top story if we are having a slow day in the office ... I mean, if we are in need of superior uplifting ... I mean morally uplifting ... I mean, well anyway, it would be a Good Thing.