This blog isn't about sex. It's about great sex! I set it up because you only live twice, once in your dreams.

This blog is a portal to the wonderful world of web-based erotic writing. It also serves as a filter: finding stories for you to enjoy without worrying. Use both the reviews and the labels to help you identify stories which will suit your tastes. If the idea of ‘oral’ makes your stomach churn, click on ‘romance’ in the label cloud. Use the rating system: from 0 for nonsexual to XXX for eyebrow raising. (Just your eyebrows will do, thank you, sheesh!)

And use the biggest sexual organ in your body: that’s your brain, dumbo! Which bit of you do you think processes the little messages from your nerve endings in a kiss and releases the endorphins that make you go Whoopdidoo! As you read the reviews and choose stories, as you follow up other stories from those outside of this site: Think before you Click. Come Home quickly if you’re not sure about what you find. Some stories out there are far out on the wild side because humans are inventive beings –not always in nice ways.

Remember too that these are fantasy erotic stories and so the sex is always sizzling. In another life, just being close to someone you have always liked is usually enough. They won’t need a 10“ wonger or GG breasts to turn you on.

Take care of your sweet self and enjoy your dreams.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

A Juicy Peach Cumming - review


Sometimes it can all get a bit much and we just have to rush off for some solo pleasure. In this little audio clip, Juicy_Peach can't wait for her lover to get back and assist her. She's not the only one who finds her own pleasuring exciting, as you can see from the comments. Masturbation is exciting to imagine/watch as well as fun for the person doing it. 

Big Tits Sex Therapist - review

Well, boys will be boys, LOL, and this is one for the lads. Charlie the Wanking Wanker no doubt took part in some eponymous activity while writing this hotty.

(I am going to review a couple of audio stories in this and the next post. There are lots of voiced stories on the internet, some of which are proper stories - like this one, and some of which are more ... descriptive action clips as it were, like my next review of Juicy Peach cumming.)

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Wallpaper - review


Well ... I am going to cheat a bit here, LOL. No-o-o! not that kind of cheating. If you want marital infidelity, there are huge collections of stories online. I am going to cheat and review a story in which there is a tiny bit of very naughty sex without a condom. The sex takes place in a small reminiscent passage describing how the lady of the story got pregnant, there is lots and lots of other safe sex and the story is about having sex when pregnant, so we could let that go, no? This is an EXCELLENT account of what it's like to be pregnant, so let it be a warning to all of you to be careful unless you are really sure you want to develop a physique like a beached whale and spend years of your life wiping poo and sick up. The Specials say: Try wearing a cap, 'n I say: Make that man wear a condom and then you're safe from all sorts of other things which I will not mention cuz they are not in the least sexy although they are sexually transmitted. 

Sunday, 1 December 2013

llust - review


Ooh, goodness, dear me. Excuse me while I fan myself and pant. It is very hot here indeed!

Well, lucky that lesbian sex is so safe that when people started saying AIDS was God's plague on gay men, we said: "So lesbian women are God's chosen ones?" The sex in this story is sizzling and varied and everyone is so up for it that otherwise I would be buying shares in dental dam manufacturers before recommending llust to the lovely ladies who like lovely ladies.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

A Night in the Museum - review

The Cardiff Burlesque has the enjoyable variety of the old Victorian music hall shows. A Night in the Museum was definitely of this kind, with much more on offer (wink wink) than just a bit of tit and bum. 

For Your Eyes Only - gurrlz

Pic from Booktopia
This isn't an erotica site I'm reviewing here, although it may help you understand how sexy you really are. Many women are prevented from letting our sexy hair down and partying as we would like to, out of totally misplaced anxiety about how we look. Oh how often has a kitten miewed pathetically to me: "I am ugly. My boobs are too small/big/funny shaped."

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Trick and treat! Two reviews

Well, it is half term week here and the cats have brought a mouse in for us all to play with. Oh joy. 

However I have managed to get in two little reads which I'm bringing to you for Halloween. Both have an underlying theme: exploring women's insecurity about our sexuality although the two tales do this in different ways. These are good stories which you can read any time of the year, worthy competition entrants since they utilise the occasion properly; they are not just sexy stories with a witch costume thrown in.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Watching and Playing - review

Cover for 'Watching & Playing'
This story is a little rough around the edges - but we like a little rough here <snerk>.

Monday, 14 October 2013

(Oooh Hallowee-een!) Magnum Innominandum - review

This is a gentle romance; there isn't much in it you could call sex, gurrlzz (any boyzzz looking for girl on girl action will be sorely disappointed). However, you do get a fun spooky story for Halloween. Bramblethorn has got eerie atmosphere in this intellectually buzzing story. 

Friday, 11 October 2013

(BOGOF BDSM 2) Ethan's Grace - Exhibitionist Scene - review.

In this and the previous post, I'm reviewing two stories from the first FAWC (Friendly Anonymous Writing Competition), run by SlycWillie on the writers' board on Literotica. This second story is not in fact about sado-masochism. Bondage, Domination and Sado-Masochism tend to be lumped together so it's good to see a domination story that isn't also about inflicting pain and humiliation. It's very clear in this story that a proper Dom dominates a sub in the most loving manner imaginable; in order to uncover and bring out sides the sub doesn't even realise themself that they long to experience.

(BOGOF BDSM 1) My Lady - review

In this and the next post, I'm going to review two BDSM stories from the first FAWC (Friendly Anonymous Writing Competition), run by SlycWillie on the writers' board on Literotica.

Deer Island - review

'Kay now. I have given this story two X's cuz clearly TXRad thinks cousins mucking about is very naughty. Since he thought it was naughty, and incest is naughty, I was a bit hesitant whether to review his naughtiness on my feminist review blog. But I tell you what, TX is Hot! I mean his writing, OF COURSE, and frankly, cousin incest seems to me like Ooh, let's play naughty, I will show you my bottom tee hee hee! while anyone trying to convince me to review father/daughter stuff is taking on a lo-ong hard job. (Not that I mind long hard things <snerk>.)

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Fabulous Feminist Burlesque - Flying Down to Rio

Well dahlinks, I managed to get along to the burlesque show: Flying Down to Rio by the skin of my teeth! and as expected, it was totally top dollar! I just squeezed it in the day before I had to pack the house and tootle off to our friend’s caravan for a week by the beach ‘n I have to say I had such a good time, I was not really in a condition to do packing and cleaning (LOL). 

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Bit of a larf

 A few months ago this mommy mom from Piglet's school saw I am Friends on Facebook with another apparently very proper mom, and she asked to be my Friend. I clicked, 'Yes' without thinking. Ever since, every time I post some disgusting lewd exchange with my gay guy pals, I've been wincing and wondering what she thinks if she sees it. And now look what she's posted! 

Gah, of course I 'liked' it! 

Monday, 29 April 2013

Fabulous Feminist Burlesque

"It's A Great Day for the Irish", Mercure Cardiff Holland House, Cardiff. 

I expected the burlesque to be sexy. I expected the burlesque to be tasteful. What I didn’t expect was that it would be sparkling with wit. 

Monday, 18 March 2013

Musical Moment (In These Shoes)

I love not only this sexy song by Kirsty McColl but the official video too.  

The lyrics are hilariously strong, with a sexy woman calling the shots.  It all sounds very exotic:  sitting in a bar in Guadalajara.  

The video takes us back to sexiness in our everyday lives.  Some women walk into a pub with their shopping and tell each other sexploit stories in that way we do.  I love the Hen Night bride groping her strippagram, too - she isn't a size 0 supermodel object of desire, she's just out enjoying a sexy laugh with her mates.  

Both the song and the video are about women enjoying their sexuality.  

Hmmm, seems to be a problem with the YouTube version of this video, but you can see it on Vimeo: In These Shoes 

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Check 'em out

This little video is a must-see for all of us laydees:  

All ladies must watch LOL!!  


(In memory of my friend Laura, best team-mate ever.)  

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Musical Moment (Happy Birthday)

It's my birthday today, and I'm fifty! so I feel entitled to have another Marilyn Monroe song.  

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Musical Moment

The total tease.  Hotter than a hot enchillada on a hot day.  

Click on the link for Vimeo clip from the film Let's Fall In Love.