This blog isn't about sex. It's about great sex! I set it up because you only live twice, once in your dreams.

This blog is a portal to the wonderful world of web-based erotic writing. It also serves as a filter: finding stories for you to enjoy without worrying. Use both the reviews and the labels to help you identify stories which will suit your tastes. If the idea of ‘oral’ makes your stomach churn, click on ‘romance’ in the label cloud. Use the rating system: from 0 for nonsexual to XXX for eyebrow raising. (Just your eyebrows will do, thank you, sheesh!)

And use the biggest sexual organ in your body: that’s your brain, dumbo! Which bit of you do you think processes the little messages from your nerve endings in a kiss and releases the endorphins that make you go Whoopdidoo! As you read the reviews and choose stories, as you follow up other stories from those outside of this site: Think before you Click. Come Home quickly if you’re not sure about what you find. Some stories out there are far out on the wild side because humans are inventive beings –not always in nice ways.

Remember too that these are fantasy erotic stories and so the sex is always sizzling. In another life, just being close to someone you have always liked is usually enough. They won’t need a 10“ wonger or GG breasts to turn you on.

Take care of your sweet self and enjoy your dreams.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Anna's Milk Ch. 03

I previously reviewed the first two chapters of Anna's Milk and have finally got round to the third chapter in this series. This one is even better than the two previous chapters and that's saying something. 

Having said that, there are some really irritating typographical errors. FFS! Get a copy editor already. I can't bear that reading something so good should be spoilt by such an easily fixed problem. 

This seems like a good place to make a small remark about editing. There are two kinds: 
  • copy editing - cleaning up minor typos and grammatical errors. (Or mistakes like writing 'Anna' when you meant 'Moira'.) 
  • beta reading - someone goes through your story for you and advises you that huge chunks have to be edited out (*sobs*) because they are just a distraction from the main story arc, or that huge chunks have to be rewritten with more descriptive detail, or that the main character is a sadistic basturd not a Dom and you should consider counselling not becoming an author. 
Both kinds are good. People love to tell other people how to do stuff, so don't hesitate to ask for someone to give your story the once-over - either just to copy edit, or to give it a real overhaul. That's if you are a serious author, of course. If you are just in denial about needing counselling, carry on.

Now, back to Anna's Milk. 

Earth, wind and fire - this story has got it all, and a great horn section (wink). 

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

How To Do It

Pic by David Jablow - check his website to 
buy the doodler and see his other pics
(Write erotica that is! If you want details about how to do ... other things, check all the many informative stories reviewed on here.) 
Another great blogpost here by curl4ever. (Not all of whose own stories have safe sex! but I'm sure he will write some more hot ones for us soon - pretty please?) 

Naoko has been encouraging you to explore your writing talents.  I thought I would provide some resources I have found helpful, culminating with a review of one of my favorite stories, Six Characters in Search of Erotica by glynndah.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Nude Day Erotic Story Contest

The Nude Day contest is currently running on Literotica, and I am panting away here. Um ... I just mean I'm rushing to get in a review of some of the stories in time to encourage you to go and vote on them. Gah, it can get quite hot reviewing all these stories but someone has to do this hard job (wink). 

Everyone posts on Literotica for free, so give them something back in the way of an honest vote - and comments. Authors on Literotica highly value thoughtful comments so do take the time to let them know what you think about their competition entries.

As a rule, better stories go into the contests because the authors who enter are ones who regularly go on Literotica and are serious about their writing. It's well worth having a look, checking titles and links and seeing if there are stories on there you think you will enjoy. (Pssst, link to the complete list here!)

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

100th post! Apologia pro Opus Meum

From SmashCutCulture,
a cultural studies blog
In this 100th post, I am going to indulge myself and explain why I write reviews of erotica - primarily stories. This will be in the tradition of Sir Philip Sidney's An Apology for Poetry. Apology in this sense doesn't mean saying sorry for being so in-your-face and flirty when I write (<snerk>). It means an explanation, a rhetorical discussion which outlines the rationale for what we do.

Friday, 3 July 2015


This is my 99th post! I have been running this blog since July 2012: three years. I first kicked off with a review of my own story As Pleases My General, followed by a boost for my pal Ozzie's fabulous Lusting While Dusting.

I'm going to celebrate with poetry! 

When I started this blog I was riddled with insecurity and lack of confidence. I used to come online, laughing and flirting and pretending to be totally The Thing. The truth was, if I had had a poem dedicated to me back then, I would have run in terror. I wouldn't have understood that I was good enough for such warm appreciation.

It was a long journey for me to gain confidence, to get a better idea of how strong a person I am. If you are someone who thinks you aren't clever or pretty or funny enough, or otherwise an attractive person, this blogpost is for you. I thought that too when I started writing, and now I have got poetry dedicated to me online. If you had told me that would happen when I started with blog review #1, I would have jumped for joy.