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Monday, 15 September 2014

Falling for a Kiss - Tilly and Elmer FlashbackX Book 2

In the FlashbackX series, Tilly and Elmer, a Midwestern couple in their sixties, reminisce about their awkward but passionate high school romance. Elmer knew that tradition required him to kiss Tilly on the third date. He wanted to, but when he found her dressed as a vampire for the Halloween dance, his well rehearsed strategy took a scary turn. They're still laughing about it fifty years later. 

The Tilly and Elmer stories are about a couple in their sexy sixties and are illustrated with delightful naïf coloured drawings by the author, Gene Clements. Some stories are for sale at a very cheap price, this one is Free!

By turns touching and hilarious, Falling for a Kiss tells how in spite of his terror at the impending snog, Elmer gets so much pleasure from his first kiss that he is still with Tilly fifty years later. That's even though he doesn't (yet) get the chance to use the 'rubbers' he thoughtfully stocked up on, following his best friend's older brother's advice: "If a girl will kiss you, she'll let you do anything with her!" (Uh, in case you were wondering - no she won't! LOL.) The story depicts with hilarious realism a typical boys' attitude to interactions with the softer sex (soft in some physical places that is, not soft as in willing to put out after the first snog). Elmer's friend suggests he grapple with Tilly to get the dreaded kiss in, "Even if she tries to wiggle out of it, she'd be rubbing her tits against your chest. That would be cool!" Tilly is the one who has to take charge of course, to make sure that the course of true love runs to at least one smooch. 

Some pictures work cleverly in parralel with the text rather than just illustrate the story. My favourite is of Tilly and Elmer dancing. The story describes how much Elmer enjoys the slow dancing; the picture shows him stepping on the long-suffering Tilly's foot.


Anonymous said...

As always, a well-written, perceptive, and entertaining review. Sounds like a fun series! And it looks like some parts of it are free.
Best wishes, yesterdays

Anonymous said...

Hi Gene Clements,
In case you're reading this—thanks for your note! I'm afraid I can't reply unless you send me a PM on literotica. Anyway, your series of stories looks wonderful. I read a free sample, but would like to read more. Any chance you could put one, or at least part of one, up at Literotica? Hope so. Best wishes, yesterdays