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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Dirty Zero

Hilarious and hot, here's one about a shy boy and comic-book heroes.  

On the outside Wyatt is shy and geeky 
Inside Wyatt’s a bit freaky and likes it kinky.
Brian’s nice, charming, and hot as hell
That stud makes Wyatt’s dick Swell
An invite to a costume party Wyatt can’t refuse
Was there actually a party or is it just a ruse
Wyatt gets a shock when he isn’t allowed to leave
The night is full of surprises that he can’t believe

I love the writing style in this first book about Wyatt and Brian, Moltenman and Darkfist, Dirty Zero. The seriously sexy passages are occasionally shafted by hilariously
 über-real reflections such as who is lying in the wet spot. Brian is perhaps a tad too gorgeous and bold for realism but other characters including incidental women are believable people rather than fantasy studs. 

This is a laugh out loud funny story as well as a steamy set of sex scenes. Because of the layout of Smashwords profiles, I didn't realise at first that the short description is a poem - what a typically funny touch from someone with a great writing talent and a sense of humour as well.


Kyle Adams said...

I'm glad you liked the book and the blurb. Some people seemed to really dislike the description but I thought it was silly and cute.

Thanks for the great review.

Anthropological Mum said...

Yes, writing a poem for your blurb is really silly. I love it! I love writing that is so good it can f@Ck about and have a laugh. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of your stuff - and I hope you keep on writing. xxx