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Sunday, 1 December 2013

llust - review


Ooh, goodness, dear me. Excuse me while I fan myself and pant. It is very hot here indeed!

Well, lucky that lesbian sex is so safe that when people started saying AIDS was God's plague on gay men, we said: "So lesbian women are God's chosen ones?" The sex in this story is sizzling and varied and everyone is so up for it that otherwise I would be buying shares in dental dam manufacturers before recommending llust to the lovely ladies who like lovely ladies.

llust is the delicious roller-coaster ride of a lesbian woman's dreams. To start with it's set on the US West Coast. We British girls have to rely a great deal on our North American sisters to provide us with lesbian stuff, so we all dream that one day we could go out to the West Coast where according to the stories we read everyone is so cool and has fantastic fascinating lives unlike our drab British lives doing the day job. And it never rains in California, of course, it just pours wet women. 

Well, it certainly does in Cody Kmoch's world. From the first episode, the women simply drip off of Cody's pen ... er, tumble from her busy fingers on the keyboard ... er, I mean ... anyway they are all different and all excite the fevered lust of the virginal Rachel.

(This story isn't finished yet, so you can have the great fun of following it as it emerges from Cody's fertile imagination. There is of course a slight risk that she won't finish it - in which case she will probably be the victim of a highly entertaining lesbian murder case and you can say: I was there! I dunnit, er I mean, I know all about it.)

It's not just the lovingly described - in loving detail - sexy women. This is a great story even without the thrilling sex which occurs in nearly every episode so far. The premise of the shy closeted lesbian woman, who has no confidence in her own beauties till a sophisticated older woman shows her the way (or rather, several ways), is a good vehicle for offering us many sex scenes; it's also well handled. As it were. We shy readers can be a li'l bit hesitant along with Rachel and discover, with her, that our body is full of beauties. (That of course is the underlying reason there are all these additional women in the story, their diverse bodies provide a feast of diverting beauties to remind us: we are all beautiful.) There is a mystery to grip our imaginations too. Who is Susan and is she the love of Rachel's life, or will she turn out to be a lying harpy who is just using Rachel for kinky fun and games? (Yes please!) This goes to the heart of a question which torments us all: Is it safe? (Emotionally safe, I mean.) Is it safe to play at sex, or is it really naughty and going to make you go blind? (Short answer: No, and if that happens to me I am going to read the rest of llust in braille anyway.)

Now, Ms. Kmoch needs a good beta reader and editor; there are some bumpy passages in the writing, notably Chapter Five. Sometimes her love of a good bit of writing gets away with her, she writes something which sounds great but distracts us from the story. Oooh, that was a nice image, now what woman was Rachel lusting after? However, this willingness to explore writing well does give us passages like this: "The bike growled, then shrieked like an expression of suppressed hurt". 

This is a hot lesbian fantasy, of course there is a motorbike! Golly gosh. I have always wanted to ride pillion on a motorbike. Cody writes so well that now I nearly feel like I have. But I have another wish: Please can I ride on a motorbike behind the gorgeous Syn!  With a motorbike ride like that one, I'm willing to take a few bumps in the road. 

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CodyK said...

Thanks Naoko! I've been writing sexy stories all my life but sharing them is a new step for me. So your review, as well as all the hits and comments on my blog, mean a huge amount to me. It also means I write for myself, which is my excuse for getting a little flowery sometimes!
So thanks again... I'm so happy you enjoyed this story. And don't forget there are plenty of other stories on my blog... (I'm so subtle haha)
Best wishes