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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

FAWCking Good T/S stories

I have mentioned the FAWC competition before: checking out the latest FAWC is a good way to find high quality stories since it's mainly the experienced writers on the Authors' Hangout board of Literotica who take part. FAWC 4 offered four songs to inspire writers, and since one of those songs was Sting's Tomorrow We'll See, this led to at least three stories in the competition being about transsexual hookers. They are all top dollar stories, and two of them are safe sex so I can recommend them on here. All three stories conveyed with supreme skill the feeling - beyond yearning, a need to be part of "the Life", similar to an addiction in its intensity. All three also depicted with brutal conviction the prejudice transsexual people face and the surface glamour/fatal dangers of this world.

The eventual winner of the FAWC 4 was PatientLee's story. I've reviewed PatientLee's previous FAWC entry, and I have to say this one was even more of a sizzling hot page turner. I can see how the safe sex would've been difficult to include, but rules are rules, so I will only say that if you want a humdinger of a story with gripping plotline and superb background, check out pl's submissions list on Literotica. 

The first story I read in the competition (I didn't manage to get round to all of them, which I was sorry about as some have been taken down now), was A Matter of Circumstance, and turned out to be by slyc willie. Slyc, under the name FAWCker, runs the FAWC competition, so I am very pleased to be able to review one of his accomplished oeuvre. This was a sly and spicy tale, with Hispanic detail giving it the feel of a more realistic Almodóvar. I laughed very much when I saw Slyc had wittily included 'sting' as a tag, although TBH, this wasn't really a story about a sting operation. This story is a little gem: brilliantly crafted and great fun, as well as having some hot hot sex scenes in it. Uh, I should add that it is an exceedingly naughty little tale, not at all suitable for bedtime reading unless you are well over the age of consent. 

Next I went on to the big tear-jerker of this threesome. Life in Suspension by MSTarot is a definite two Kleenex number (review of MSTarot's BDSM story here). This is a torch song of a tale, full of love, loss and longing. Boo hoo! Golly, pass that damn box of tissues *sniff sniff*. MSTarot includes good back story exploring how the heroine of the tale came to be where she is, and a top class moment when a woman is totally horrible to her in the public toilets, which made me cry buckets. *Sniff*. (This little number is well edited and had much fewer typos than some of MSTarot's work.)

The third story (Edge of Tomorrow by sr71plt, I better just tell you the name as he has a lot of stories listed!) had possibly the most realistic account of life on a three-hooker corner of a street. I'm not totally convinced that you can earn as much as MSTarot's story suggests, but er, has anyone seen my red satin strap-up shoes around? No, no, I just thought I would wear them out for a walk ...

These three lovelies standing alluringly on this nice safe corner are all fabulously well written, and deserving of the big red Hs which each of them has received.

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