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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Anna's Milk Ch. 03

I previously reviewed the first two chapters of Anna's Milk and have finally got round to the third chapter in this series. This one is even better than the two previous chapters and that's saying something. 

Having said that, there are some really irritating typographical errors. FFS! Get a copy editor already. I can't bear that reading something so good should be spoilt by such an easily fixed problem. 

This seems like a good place to make a small remark about editing. There are two kinds: 
  • copy editing - cleaning up minor typos and grammatical errors. (Or mistakes like writing 'Anna' when you meant 'Moira'.) 
  • beta reading - someone goes through your story for you and advises you that huge chunks have to be edited out (*sobs*) because they are just a distraction from the main story arc, or that huge chunks have to be rewritten with more descriptive detail, or that the main character is a sadistic basturd not a Dom and you should consider counselling not becoming an author. 
Both kinds are good. People love to tell other people how to do stuff, so don't hesitate to ask for someone to give your story the once-over - either just to copy edit, or to give it a real overhaul. That's if you are a serious author, of course. If you are just in denial about needing counselling, carry on.

Now, back to Anna's Milk. 

Earth, wind and fire - this story has got it all, and a great horn section (wink). 

Chapter 3 of yesterdays' intense story is an awesome example of poignant earthy realism. That there are two women in this story allows yesterdays to talk about the beauties of different kinds of bodies: small as well as large lactating breasts, dark and red haired cunts. Yesterdays' descriptions of cunts and cock are strong, unromanticised and attractive. 

These pungent sexy realist details are carried along on a breathtaking story arc. David struggles with an all too understandable young man's passion for his great friend Anna's great body. Her insecurities and anxiety about her beauty only lead him into a deeper love for her, a love which is cemented by his affection for her baby. It's all too clear that David, Anna and baby Ben have a genuine family bond to which best friend Nick has contributed by absenting himself on military service in Afghanistan. 

During the story, it has become apparent that Nick was absent from a full relationship with Anna and his own baby long before he left for Afghanistan. This leaves a black hole of emotional need into which David tumbles. Anna is living for the moment. David fears for the future and the emotional whirlwind the two of them seem bound to reap. 

Into this maelstrom steps the fiery Moira. Anna's best friend apparently makes the moves on David in order to save Anna from what will be a mistake that compounds her original mistake in falling pregnant to Nick. The sex between Moira and David on their date is a magical mystery tour for both. The virginal David may find physical pleasures beyond what he expected, it's clear that Moira is experiencing more than she bargained for in spite of her delicately put insistence that 'love' should not be part of the deal.

The witty Moira makes this a sex scene which is both intellectually and physically pleasurable. She sets up a range of intimate activities from peeing in front of David to suggesting the two of them eat naked, feeding each other with fingers. It's sometimes argued that the philosopher Descartes split the mind from the body when he famously declared "I think, therefore I am". Yesterdays manages to skip over this problematic dualism through delicious sensual writing. There is a popular myth that sex can only be perfect if you have lost your mind to an animal set of sensations while fucking; yesterdays' writing shows that making love can be as mindful a pleasure as any. A set of scenes like fine painted miniature pictures on a bracelet is played out before our eyes, strung on the thread of David's confused feelings for Anna, Nick, Ben and for the free-living valedictorian Moira. In this moment, he can have it all, but if he seizes the day, what will tomorrow bring? 

It's no surprise to me that yesterdays has called a halt to this story series in spite of plaintive comments from fans desperate for resolution. What writer would want to tear David from the delightful delirium of sexual pleasures he is freely sampling and dash him into the awful recriminations which seem certain to follow. More than this, though, it must be nerve-wracking as a writer to contemplate souring the sensuality and pleasures of the story so far with the bitter fruit of revelations. Would Moira be Moira if she settled down with David? What effect will it have on us as readers if Nick returns to vent violent hatred and rage either towards David or Anna? For the story's purposes, he can't just come back having hooked up with a hot female marine. If he dies overseas, we will all secretly think yesterdays cheated. Would it satisfy us for David to settle with Anna and Ben, while Moira ... becomes a Senator? What kind of resolution could satisfy yesterdays as writer, us as readers after yesterdays' characters have screwed out such a high torque plot? I wish yesterdays would get back to the story already so we can find out!

Although this story remains 'unfinished' business for now, read it for the sizzling sensuous and intellectually delightful sex scenes.

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