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Monday, 14 September 2015

Summer Lovin': Sweet Summer Nights

From Modern Paleo Warfare blog
run by two lads who like cooking 
but are not online any more :(

Gah, life overtook me and the Summer Lovin' competition was over before I could read many of the entries. This is a review I was writing and didn't quite manage to post in time. You can still show your appreciation by reading, voting and leaving comments, though. 

Another highly reliable writer in the Literotica story competitions is SamScribble. I greedily look out for his stories, as they usually have a bonne bouche in them by way of a yummy recipe which his lucky characters get to eat. Here he has really come up to scratch with a delicious scallop dish. There is a bed - of course <wink> - of white bean puree, some spicy action <snerk>, fishiness and a couple of round juicy scallops. 

Sam's tasty treat: Sweet Summer Nights, is the story of a singer who gets her wish for a rainy day off. Frankly the whole thing is pure fantasy. A single man who can cook, knows where to find one of those secret British beaches which the Tourist Board are paid not to advertise, who is a gentleman not a pushy swine, and yet is up for action? Awww, we all want his number, Sam.

Sam is a highly accomplished writer, a smooth pleasure to read, and a lesson for anyone in how to turn a tale. Sometimes, though, he can be a little English (shy) about getting his people down to action. They have a tendency to dialogue, to talking around the topic rather than groping past their inhibitions to have their way with each other. Still, that does mean he writes excellent dialogue as enthusiastic comments point out:
  • the dialogues are far better and smarter than most on this site.
  • Food porn, erotica, and budding true love, in believable dialogue, and with lots left to the imagination -- what's not to like?
Three hares - Sui Dynasty
cave painting Dunhang, China.
Negotiating hopping into bed with someone is so nerve-wracking in real life that it can make for an entertaining subject in erotic writing. There is an art to reading body language, listening to flirtatious banter, in order to tell if someone is ready for you to put your hand on their leg. People may not even be sure themselves what they want! Part of them can be sitting up with their tongue hanging out, but they sometimes indignantly deny this and accuse you of misinterpreting their signals if you try to take things further. The frustration of meeting such a tease can only be equalled by the frustration of being so confused. Rarely is the making out as easy as we make out in stories. On the upside, I think I can see about three plot bunnies hopping around in this paragraph alone ....

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