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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Fabulous Feminist Burlesque - Flying Down to Rio

Well dahlinks, I managed to get along to the burlesque show: Flying Down to Rio by the skin of my teeth! and as expected, it was totally top dollar! I just squeezed it in the day before I had to pack the house and tootle off to our friend’s caravan for a week by the beach ‘n I have to say I had such a good time, I was not really in a condition to do packing and cleaning (LOL). 

Ever since I have been trootling all over the place, visiting the Tower of London (managed to lose my l’il pearl earring while visiting the Crown Jewels!) and sorting stuff in Über Stepford, so I do apologise that it has taken me a while to write this up.

Good news, though. Next show coming up soon!

I really must mention the compère of these shows: Frank Honeybone. Since he is from South Wales he of course has that gift with words which led Wales to produce so many lyrical dissenting preachers – and now that vocal evolutionary process has magnificently flowered in the person of Frank. Dry, acerbic, lewd and poetic on the topic of the lovely ladies, Frank keeps the audience on the edge of our ... he keeps us ticking along beautifully, he is the perfect foil for the feisty fillies frolicking in feathers.

It happened to be a sort of men’s night for me at the burlesque, LOL. Foo Foo had kindly secured me a seat near the stage, in order that I could take good notes for the purpose of my review. I was jolly pleased about that, however I was a little bit taken aback when I tootled along to it and found that – very unusually – it was a table full of men. As you know, the burlesque is predominantly attended by women so that was a nice surprise!

Naturally I put this embaras de masculinity to good use. Hmmmm? What are you thinking?!!! I mean, that since I got the women’s point of view on the burlesque last time, I went round on your behalves and asked the boyzzzz what they think of it. Sheeesh! I don’t know what you imagine I would get up to at a table full of men on a night out at the burlesque! (However much fun you thought it was, double it <snerk>.)

This pic is from Groupon. Migosh, if
 you can get a discount, take it!
 It's already well worth the ticket.
Now one charming gennelman had come to be with his lovely lady who performs in the burlesque. When he mentioned this and said he had been a leprechaun at the It’s a Grand Day for the Irish show, I immediately recognised him as the person who had won the prize for best dressed audience member on that day. There was also a group of young men; they said it was the best £12 they had ever spent. They said it was so sexy, but not sleazy like strip shows. Everyone was very respectful, and generous. I must say Thank You Very Much to one generous kind gennelman, although I am a bit sorry I said Thank You Very Much so often about the wine cuz it led to my having to pack the next day while wearing my diamante sunglasses, LOL. 

It is as usual almost impossible to pick out individual acts cuz they were all FANTASTIC. I so much admired the skill with which the whole show was put together. They do not just go: “Oh, let’s call it Flying Down to Rio and we can wear carnival costumes.” The whole thing is so beautifully done that I am quite surprised the Brazilian Tourist Board are not down there booking the whole thing up instead of Jessie J for that upcoming football thing.

Welsh Rockabilly Festival 
At the start, Poppy Vanguard took us on board Vanguard Airways, and there was a lot of taking off, as you can imagine (wink). The Rebilado Samba Show Girls were perhaps the tasteful act of the evening – migosh there was some fabulous dancing going on in that number. I was awestruck by their beauty and elegance. 

Cardiff Burlesque

There seems to always be one number which has me rolling in my seat crying with laughter and this time round it was Amber Amour and Bonita Boudoir. The boyzzz were being well looked after that night! The clever Cardiff Burlesque had not forgotten that there is an upcoming football thing in Rio. Amber and Bonita came on most beautifully clad in the Brazilian kit which they proceeded to strip off in a way which Sepp Blatter would have thoroughly approved, until they were down to tasteful pasties made up with black and white glitter like little footballs covering their ... their tasty booby bits.
Welsh Rockabilly Festival
I am just going to give a final hoorah to Miss Betty Blue Eyes as the bird of paradise. She had a soundtrack with a David Attenborough style narrative describing how the bird of paradise seeks a mate – the young men at the table were suffused with blushes and giggles as she peered into the audience, jerking her feather bedecked head to and fro and fixing her beady eye on potential men. What a display! those fabulous feathers whirling and dancing.

I guess that is what I love about the burlesque, and what the boyzzz were appreciating too. There is no cheesy one dimensional quick flash of the female sex on display as the object of ogling. Instead you have many aspects of feminine sexuality twirling like the facets of a disco ball: wit, elegance, silliness and the powerful huntress who jerks her feather-tipped uh ... beak at you (wink) - if you are really in luck.

Go go go! to the next show: A Night at the Museum

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