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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Nude Day Naughties

(X, XX and XXX)
Nudism is a proper way of life, which is about respect for your body and a love of letting it all hang easy in the breezes. Nudists say there is nothing particularly sexy about it. Once you get used to going around in the buff, seeing other people's dangly and bobbly bits, you just aren't that bothered about it.

However ... what a great premise for some naughty sexy stories about naughty nude carryings-on! There is of course a Nude Day story competition on the Literotica short story website. It's going on even as I type, and you can get on there and pick up a whole range of stories, vote on them and see if your favourite won in the end. Some of them are a bit cheat-y, not really about nudism although they are jolly sexy li'l numbers, which is what counts.

I have been on and saved you the trouble, picking up a few items which I popped in my basket and I ran back here to show them to you. We can imagine we are in the cafe, having a lovely cup of tea and showing each other our ... shopping (wink). That's what gurrlzz do - we go shopping and then we like to go somewhere we can unpack it all and admire it. It's a pretty mixed bag of goods I've got here, cuz a competition throws up a real variety of stories. Give 'em a go and see which one is your size (wink).

Now this first story is very naughty. To start with that naughty Rose is wearing clothes in it, she is not nude! Secondly it is very naughty to do the teasing things she does in this story, in regard to exactly what clothes she wears and how she behaves while wearing them - or not wearing them.

Really this story is about shoes - in fact, it ought to be called Pussy in Boots! If you like shoes, exhibitionism and teasing, you should leave this cosy cafe we are in, and go Shoe Shopping with Rose. The story is well written, great fun and draws you quickly in. Then it's as if Rose comes over unexpectedly shy. I think there should be more story - you are a tease, CQtRose! A dreadful tease! Give us more! That's only one shoe you're showing me there, I want to see the pair.

My next item is a real proper Nude Day story. Not only does it feature several in-the-nude scenes, it also has good discussion about nudism and the dangers of being a hung young thing in a roomful of nudists which includes a woman you have been having wet dreams about for months. At first the story seemed kinda slow. It was ages before any hot stuff happened, there is a long account of how the central character met up with the lovely lady with whom he eventually gets to be nude. However, the tension in this Homeric excursion from the main story is admirably maintained, and it rings so true to life that you don't mind. The bewilderment, anxiety, gratitude for good care which are experienced when having a medical crisis are all meticulously explored before we get to what it feels like to do Yoga in the Buff while a woman you are lusting after contorts her flexible body right next to you.

There is a comment on this story that says the flirting and courting happened too fast. They say the woman was naughty and unprofessional to get it together with this fit young lad so soon. Darlings! she took pages, I mean months! and what I like is how even though she is a confident sassy lady, she never made the first move. In fact, if he had been a bit more shy - silly thing, nothing would have happened at all. There are a lot of stories where writers kinda skip the getting to know each other parts, and go: And then they fell into bed and had the hottest sex imaginable.  That's great, sometimes you just want to get on with the action. However it's good to have a reminder that in Real Life, these things have to be - sometimes very carefully - negotiated. Like Cher says in Clueless, when asked why she is 'still' a virgin (aged not very much): "You see how picky I am about my shoes and they only go on my feet." Take a little time choosing whether to have kitten heeled slingbacks or court shoes ... I mean, the person whom you hope you will be spending the rest of your life with.

I previously reviewed pacifist91w's The Power of the Wind and here is another of pacifist's stories for you to enjoy. There are still echos here of the environmental concerns which are so thoroughly discussed in the Earth Day story. This is a wet wet lesbian romance! with an unconventional shower, beautiful breasts - and milk. Romantic exhibitionism, warmly affectionate and hot sexy inter-racial sex, sex in the rain - all rolled up into one lovely package for you to unwrap and enjoy.When there is a Power Outage, our heroine is not phased. And when she notices one of the neighbours watching her, the electricity starts surging!

And now for something completely different. From her own work! A while back, I reviewed Kingswoman's Big Tits Sex Therapist. Well - it says it on the tin, LOL. That one is a story written by a fan of her voice and it's definitely one for the boyzzzz. This one has been penned by Kingswoman herself. It's a prose poem, as delicately playing on words as the cello is played on In an Orangery. This 'sensual, musical' audio story is one for your literary (in-the-) buffs.

And finally, a spirited little number about a party that gets out of hand - and into mouths. A while back, there was a furore about 'rainbow parties' with Oprah Winfrey looking into how young innocent girls were being debauched at these attractively named yet really down and dirty social events. What I like about this story is how well Huck Pilgrim conveys all elements of a party like that. The sex is dirty and raunchy - it's exciting! it's scary. The young heroine goes to the party not realising quite how hot and heavy it will be. When she understands, she does and doesn't want to back out. Peer pressure encourages everyone to behave with braggadocio (not that these young things would know what that means). The young women in the story have carnal relations of a kind which would make their parents' hair stand on end. Yet they retain their wide-eyed innocent charm.

So much is made of virginity, of the sacred importance of the first penetration of one specific orifice in the female body. (So much is made too of young men's virility, although this story is not about that side of these parties.) This story sensitively explores those shibboleths and puts them out for our consideration. Gosh, is it really that important? When your hymen breaks, chances are it may hurt - possibly a lot. Sure, save that agonising moment for the man you love! LOL. I wish I had popped mine on a dildo, darlings.

Once your cherry is popped, will you suddenly be grown-up, a total vamp? Uh ... I am afraid not. Nobody will be able to tell that you are no longer a virgin. You will be just as naive and sweet and lovely as before, honey. If you want to be a vamp, it takes years of practice. Years, believe me <snerk>. Meanwhile, just have innocent and not-so-innocent fun.

Anyway, what Huck's hot story is really about is the Rainbow Party, the young women's experience of their own awakening sexual desire. How naughty that is. How innocent it is. If you are wondering what a party like that would be like, and you want to check it out before you check in - read this story. You will soon know if this is your kind of scene, or if you would rather go uh ... 'shoe-shopping' (wink). 

BTW, this is an interesting story from a writerly point of view, as it's told entirely in the present tense. This lends the story part of the fresh young charm it has, making it seem fleeting and immediate.

I am just going to finish with a li'l story of my own. When I was a vewy vewy little kitten - barely legal, I went to a party with some other girls. I was a very good girl when I was young. Shut up! I was too. It's the quiet ones you want to watch (wink), or do a bit more than watching if you are not that into voyeurism. Anyway, anyway. I was at this party and I was not drinking. So when we came to go home, I was the sensible one who was collecting everyone up to load them into the car (of my friend who had been drinking - bad gurrrlll, don't follow her example!) There was this one young thing, she acksherly wasn't even legal! and she said: "No, I am not going to come with you all, I am going to stay with Fred," or Bert, or whatever his name was. Now Bert was a Man. Gosh - he was all of nineteen! he seemed like, really grown-up to us little kittens. But he was no catch, darlings, sort of scrawny and lech-y. Nowadays I would not do this, I would not be so tactless, but I was so surprised, I said: "Are you sure?" in a tone that told that li'l baby kitten exactly how scrawny and lech-y he was. And she looked at me and said: "No!" Ohmigosh, we piled her into the car and rushed off into the night. All the way home, my friend driving was giggling and I was cross cuz she ought not to have been drinking and hoping the police (who were her Dad) would not catch us, and this li'l baby kitten was going: "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

So be careful if you are a li'l kitten. Do not drink too much at parties and if you do, make sure there is a friend there who will take care of you. Do not pop your cherry while you are too drunk to enjoy it, with a nineteen-year-old fumbling lech. Consider doing it in the comfort of your own home with a sex toy you really love. If you struggle a bit, do not be embarrassed, go to the doctor. Just as there are all different people in the world, there are many different hymens, some of which pop on a bicycle or horse while you are riding around and you barely notice, others which will need surgical intervention to make things proper and comfortable for you.

Meanwhile, have some innocent fun with some great stories. Then when you go and pop your cherry - or someone else's cherry - you will know all about it and not fumble around, you might even have a good time and give them a good time.

Ciao ciao! Don't forget to vote now!


Anonymous said...

Nice post! I LOVE drawings of nude women--there is somethong so empowering about seeing how others see us. Extra points for NAWTY!
Thinker Belle

Anonymous said...

I am glad to see Huck's story getting a bit of attention. I was particularly fond of that entry. It was raw and visceral and daring, sexy, but in a way that was a little uncomfortable. It was--in short--everything a boundary pushing erotic story should be.

In my experience, that author will never give you something easy to chew, but it will always be worth the effort.


Naoko Smith said...

Guys, thanks for the comments! It's always good to hear that people are enjoying the reviews.