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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Charlie's Story - Review

Go to Joel's for these chocs.
Break out your best chocolate, gurrlzzz (and guyzzz - I know you secretly like a li'l romance, LOL). Here is a real old-fashioned lover of a tale, with a thoroughly modern twist. 

Handley_Page is a great pal and I have edited a couple of his stories in the past. TBH, up til now I was not quite sure what he was doing on a naughty erotica writers' board, as he usually writes drily humourous tales with zero sex which he is obliged to post in Non-Erotic. However he suddenly came up with this little gem. I am very proud to have been any help at all in the production of such a sweet and unusual story. 

Charlie's Story has a well deserved red hot H in Literotica's Romance section. This is a super story with plenty of tender and hot sex and a very nice basque n' all.

Now, as a rule we feminists are always banging on about how the gurrlzzzz have a bad time of it, and there should be more equality for wimmin and blah. However, in my book feminism is not just for the ladies. It means that we think things could be better organised both for men and women. There is a lot of pressure on men to be big, bad and horny as hell, and yet we women whine about how we want someone sweet and kind and he ought to do the washing up and stuff.

Not all men are big, bad and horny as hell, and for a man who suffers problems getting it up not least of the difficulties must be the shame at not being a macho manly man performing like a pneumatic drill, as is expected by society. Well ... I am sure a pneumatic drill is very useful if you want to dig up a road :rolleyes: but I very rarely wish to do this and when I do, I like to get in a man with an actual pneumatic drill and who knows how to operate heavy machinery, not one who just has sex as if he were heavy machinery.

This is a story about a man who suffered a breakdown in mental health. HP sympathetically covers the problems this can cause as you attempt to get back into the working world as well as back into romance. Charlie does his fair share of the washing up, and he meets a lovely lady who has patience and a yen for him. They take things slowly, as sometimes happens in real life! if not always in the stories on Literotica, LOL, and they get sweet satisfaction.

TBH, there is a fine cricketing scene in which HP demonstrates his skills as a writer, making you feel like a real aficionado even if you don't understand how someone who is in, is got out, and what the short leg and silly point are. I also admire how he ends not with the fireworks of penetrative sex, with Charlie and Lois enjoying themselves in other ways. 

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