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Monday, 8 September 2014

Big Daddy Comes Knocking

As the joke goes: "Is sex dirty?" "If you're doing it right."

Lois says goodbye to husband Alan with a perfunctory kiss and goes off to her boring job, where she is further irritated by her juvenile colleagues and their lackadaisical attitudes. Then the phone rings ... it's 'him'! "I told you to never call me on this phone!" she whispers. 

The sound of his voice stirred her in places Lois didn't want to acknowledge. Cue - smokin' hot and dirty sex! Hot Mama Lois is going to get Big Daddy for breaking the rules and calling her at work, and get him hard ... er, so to speak <snerk>.

One of the things I like about Big Daddy Comes Knocking is the expert switching of Point of View (writers often just call this PoV). This helps us see both Lois's ambivalence about her mature body, all too common for women of all shapes and sizes, and how hot she actually is. She was plump in places she didn't care to be, but her big, white breasts and heart-shaped ass turned him on in ways he couldn't describe. Big Daddy likes Lois's pubic hair untrimmed; the description of her hair 'poking' out either side of her thong is far removed from airbrushed pornographic images of women with neatly shaved flawless slender bodies. The realism of this story makes it much more sexy, this is a story with musky smells and juice, a story with balls.

This is an early AreaMan story, so there are occasional naïvities. I have to admit I just slid my eye over the 'ass juice' which other commentators pick up on, to enjoy the rest of the hot anal action. Uh, I mean to focus on finer points of Big Daddy's tonguing ... of the fine imagery and ... hot techniques, by which I mean the hot writing techniques (wink). Even the commentators who are not sure about 'ass juice' still think this is a hot story!

Lois's passionate love of dirty sex is a secret, she is prudish in public and embarrassed by her own 'filthy' behaviour and tastes. During the story she sees herself as bad Mama, a slut, a wild animal, a bitch on heat. For Big Daddy, she is sweet Mama, like flowers, like fruit, someone with a secret fire whose flame he loves to tend.

“There is no such thing as absolute dirt: it exists in the eye of the beholder," says the anthropologist Mary Douglas in her study Purity and Danger. Douglas tells of how what we consider filthy and polluted is transgressive, it crosses boundaries we have set up in social life. The pig, forbidden meat in many cultures, is an animal which has a cloven hoof but doesn't chew the cud. However Douglas also tells us that when boundaries are crossed, this can lead us to treat the transgressive item as sacred. The Lele tribe worship the scaly pangolin, which has scales but is warm-blooded. 

Much erotica is about taboo fetishes. The forbidden is also of course exciting. I had a Jewish friend who used to gleefully say, that not only did she enjoy the taste of bacon, for her it was thrillingly sinful as well.

Sexual activity is dirty and exciting. Even in a kiss or hug we press on another person's body with an intimate affection which will give us a warm buzz. To engage in actual sex is to trangress the boundary of another body, penetrating into mouth or cunt or anus, incorporating the corpus delicious of another into our own, exchanging and absorbing bodily fluids (NB, for vaginal and anal, use a condom!). Yet in our heart of hearts, we should know that we are also engaging in a most natural and sacred activity when we make love.

PS, I previously reviewed another of AreaMan's stories here, but be warned, this one is exceptionally taboo. I hesitate to tell you this, but they have sex while the football is on!!! (Only the American football, mind you, not actual ... soccer *gulp*.)

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Joe Blow said...

I haven't read the story, but your review is great.

The quote from Mary Douglas reminds me of the Biblical quote : "To the pure in heart all things are pure." If you look at the way babies play with their poo you can see that our concepts about what is "dirty" or "disgusting" are learned, and thus a deviation from our pure, original state. That doesn't mean that this deviation isn't a useful thing. It makes us less likely to get cholera for a start.

The comment about "the transgressive item as sacred" reminded me of a horror story I read recently. I don't recommend it to anyone who doesn't have an incredibly strong stomach for the scatological and the brutally violent and sadistic, but it is a remarkable story which illustrates Douglas's point. It is "The Arse-Licker" by Stephen Volk, included in "Best British Horror 2014", edited by Johnny Mains.