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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Forty-Nine Candles

I am pretty sure this story is not what most people expect when they go to the category marked 'Illustrated', and I admit that some of the way through I too was thinking: 'Where are the illustrations?' Most of the time I really didn't care because this is a little number as sweet and hot as Cher singing The Shoop Shoop Song

Yes! it's in his kiss, LOL. 

Forty-Nine Candles is a little flame saying just because you are older and have lived more life than you hope your daughters live, you are still a hot sexy mama. When she goes into a bar to have a little private celebration of her 49th birthday, Tammy is feeling low that she has no friends to call and not even a book on her e-reader. Well get this one up on your screen! and enjoy a couple of kisses so smouldering that I actually wondered if I should mark this story with an X. The writing is raw and real, with the intensity of emotions that come welling up those days that you are inclined to think it's my party and I'll cry if I want to.  

If you are an older lady who has had some experience out there with the manly sex, you will snigger at the cutting remarks about them, while if you are younger, or male yourself, you may think we are being cynical b!tches. Forgive us! we are just hoping to sin (wink). A totally gorgeous Knight in Shining Armour appears mid-way through to rescue us all with a kiss. (Pssst, hey, Tammy! better buy some condoms to put in that handbag - wink.) 

BTW, in my personal experience, your 40s are nondescript. It was when I hit exactly 50 that life suddenly seemed to make sense and I started really having a ball! or two when I can get them <snerk>.

I think the story rushed out the door in a hurry, and needs to have a smudge of breakfast cleaned off its sleeve and its lipstick fixed (ie a quick spelling edit and Marco's dialogue sometimes has a heavy accent, then not), but if you are willing to forgive a bit of untidiness for the sake of a single mom with a special needs kid, you are in for a treat. 

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