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Monday, 14 October 2013

(Oooh Hallowee-een!) Magnum Innominandum - review

This is a gentle romance; there isn't much in it you could call sex, gurrlzz (any boyzzz looking for girl on girl action will be sorely disappointed). However, you do get a fun spooky story for Halloween. Bramblethorn has got eerie atmosphere in this intellectually buzzing story. 

Here you will find good gothic writing and mysterious mystic themes, a puzzle box of a story carefully researched and set in early twentieth century America and Europe. Bramblethorn gets an excellent archaic tone to the writing in Magnum Innominandum and offers an intelligent, sensitive exploration of parallels between Lovecraft's "that [great thing] which must not be named" (Magnum Innominandum) and Lord Douglas's "the love that dare not speak its name". In the end there are hints of something beyond woman on woman, in a seasonally spooky suggestion at a twist. Eeek! LOL. 

There is excellent balanced structure. Pairs of experiences shape themselves round the central journey to Europe: either side of which is an educational experience (I shall count the Nordic thing with Karin as educational - it's certainly transformational), a hair-raising trip into a strange building and the two dances - if I say more, I'll spoil it; I just do admire the way these structure the narrative for us as readers.

I would have liked a detailed final sex scene. I felt this would have satisfied the heroine Josephine's anxieties (the story is written from her point of view so we readers share these) about not daring to get down and durrrty with a laydee. Bramblethorn thinks it would not be in keeping - you must read the story and make up your own mind ... 

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