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Monday, 21 October 2013

Watching and Playing - review

Cover for 'Watching & Playing'
This story is a little rough around the edges - but we like a little rough here <snerk>.

I previously reviewed Peter Morgan's Pleasuring Ella. Rachel, the heroine of this story, is less of a lady than Ella, although just as up for fun. What I love about Peter's stories is that the women are hot as mustard and unashamed of their desires; and Peter revels in them taking pleasure in their pleasure. There is no question of lying back and thinking of England for the women Pete likes to lick, er, I mean like. 

Photos Pete has taken and posted on his blog (with women's permission and in some cases by their request) show women of diverse body types, all incredibly sexy, enjoying spreading for the camera in a variety of locations - some public. The way he photographs women's bodies as all different yet all sexy reminds me of the burlesque. I can't review the blog here because sometimes Peter writes about sex on his blog in a way which doesn't make clear if there was safe sex, but I often go and enjoy looking at other women having fun showing off their beautiful bodies. Their confidence makes me feel great about being sexy. (Er, and turned on - wink.)

In Watching and Playing, Rachel is a fuckbuddy not a lover, "we never make love, we always fuck." Pete's stories are not romantic, they aren't about couples building their commitment and love for each other through intimacy. Pete writes about the lusty animal joys of the body in a straightforward take it or leave it way. I will sure take it! 

The sex in Pete's stories is imaginative and inventive; showing that there is plenty of fun to be had outside the penetrative (so to speak <snerk>). This story is about masturbating: male and female, and there is a lot about tits in there too. I like it that Rachel was wearing a plain white bra, that there isn't lots of fluff about lingerie (although I do like lingerie); that touch adds to the depiction of her strong no-nonsense character.

My friend Ernest Winchester comments that the spelling goes astray, I think the story could do with a light edit. But in the heat of the moment, you will probably not be too bothered. 

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the insightful review and pointer to Peter Morgan's stories! Very enjoyable "new author" for me to follow.