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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Dark Chocolate

Here's one from that spinner of dark tales, MSTarot, a story full of sex and sensuality. 

While lingering over this luxury fable, I was also able to do some work on my important research project comparing brands of chocolate with salt in. Currently, The Co-operative own brand Ghanaian milk chocolate with toffee and sea salt is at #2 in my list. I slo-owly consumed half a bar while fingering this delicious period tale about an entertainment enjoyed by the delicate sex. (N.B. Although my own preference is for chocolate with sea salt, I actually recommend Prestat's dark chocolate with raspberry to accompany this story.)  

There are delights aplenty in the Valentine's Day tale A Night of Chocolate and Roses. Although MSTarot is not specific as to the period this story is set in, the rich full luxurious detail is Victorian in tone, as overblown as roses, or a Valentine's Card from that era. I have one which someone gave me once; he was working in an auction house and picked it up and I sort-of wished I could have ... but no, darlings. We used to go for walks on Hampstead Heath and then have high tea with buns instead. 

This is a story filled with rich sights, scents and sensuality, and with just a pinch (ho ho) of sadism. A young married woman, tied down and forced to endure things a married woman ought not to even dream about. Oh poor thing. (Lucky b!tch!) Gosh, she will never stop dreaming now. 

Mrs. Upton comes in from the cold - literally, it's winter. MSTarot cleverly gives us a harsh backdrop which brings out in relief the pleasures of a silk robe, the brush of rose-petals and the hot kiss of chocolate poured ... never mind where it's poured, go and read the story if you want to know. A mundane workaday world of winter, genteel poverty, drudgery and masculinity. A secret pleasure-house of summer flowers, exquisite luxury and women. 

Excuse me, I still have half a bar of chocolate here to get through.

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