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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Word of Mouth (First Time)

This coming of age college story is a classic Literotica winner: a whole box of Kleenex tear-jerker of a tale. It has it all. Convincing well-researched back story, sneering aggressive hot sex, a little dash of kinkiness, totally unexpected and gorgeous romance and ... well, I won't tell you the ending. You better read it, that's all! Have your box of tissues ready to hand, you only have to skim the 196 comments to see that this one has already made strong men weep. 

All the characters in Word of Mouth are thoroughly believable - so much so that many commentators asked if this is a true tale (it's not). The characters have quirks and good reason for their student anxst, we feel increasing sympathy for them as the story develops. A striking and strong young woman, a nerdy and needy young man, their sexual encounters are like battles against the love which grows between them like roses in spite of their efforts to be careless young animals.

OK, I cheated in allowing this story on my blog. There is one instance of unsafe sex in it. The characters are mostly very careful to supply themselves with condoms, and even the unsafe sex is negotiated rather than thoughtlessly accidental, so I am just going to say: Learn the Lesson, always tuck one in your pocket, you never know. 

Why did I let this story break the rule and sneak on? Because it is such a humdinger of a tale and it cleverly explores the fact that sex is not enough. Despite the plentiful abundance of booty which the central persona of the story enjoys, he hungers for more. He comes to long for romantic love of the kind which we draw on to make family. How he finds it is a miracle of generosity and selflessness. Oh dear! pass the tissues <sniff>.

I am going to be nit-picky here and comment on a couple of issues with the story. My aim in doing so is to pique lgreenwood, the author. He says in his bio: ""Word Of Mouth" ... drained me emotionally", and it looks as if he hasn't submitted any stories since the phenomenal success of his coming of age tale. Hopefully he just needs a challenge and will be annoyed by my nit-picking and write some more. 

Thomas the central character suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. His symptoms are carefully described, as are his mechanisms for living with his condition. However as the story wraps up, his OCD seems to quietly disappear without the cure being explained. The other nit I am going to pick is over Thomas's dingdong. The fact that it was huge and so women longed to suck it is a kinda porn movie fantasy moment. The big diddab bobs up (wink) oddly in this college kid romance. Thomas's main appeal is that he is thoughtful and kind, and he gives great head, so he doesn't need a huge wonger as well.

This story beautifully explores the world of the nerd, with anxieties about sexual prowess laid to rest in a romantic bed. It has a spiky hardcore heroine with a soft core for a heart. There are other worlds out there, though, lgreenwood, don't weep like Alexander the Great and feel there is no more left to conquer.

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