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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Banned European Safe Sex Advert

Hahahahaha! This is so hilarious.

Banned because people felt it portrayed having kids negatively, and the government actually wants you to reproduce the falling population! But don't you get rattled into coping with shitty nappies and the years (I will just repeat that: years!) of bringing up baby before you're ready. Yes, having children is a wonderful experience. I love my Piglet and I would even love her if she wasn't the smartest, sassiest, most beautiful kid on the planet, we have such a great time. 

I'm glad for both our sakes that I had her when I chose to and was geared up for parenting. I remember one time vividly that I had had unprotected sex while still a student. All over the Christmas holiday, I was anxsting about whether I had fallen pregnant. All around were messages saying: "A child is born!" and I was thinking: "No no! I still have my degree to get and life to live." I was so so glad when my period started, even though I knew that one day I wanted to have a family. 

Spare yourself the anxiety! Use condoms until you've had lots of fun and you're sure you are ready to have baby fun.

(Thanks to HP for tipping me off to this one!)


oggbashan said...

Remember that condoms aren't a 100% reliable method of preventing conception. They are best used with other methods as well.

And they are useless if left in your handbag, on the bedside table, or in your car.

Naoko Smith said...

That's true! even if you are on the pill, it's a good idea to use condoms as it's easy to forget a couple of pills and condoms also protect against STDs.
Take care of your condoms and they will take care of you LOL <3