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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Hurry Home!

In this first of my latest set of audio reviews I'm checking out a story posted on Gone Wild Audio. I feel a kind of midwifely pride in it, as when a writer came on the Authors Hangout on Literotica asking how to find someone to record his story, I told him about Gone Wild. He successfully posted his story there, and got three readings of it, which is pretty cool.

This is a hardcore FemDom story. Frankly if I wanted to find a textbook example of how far you can go and still be having safe sex, I couldn't have commissioned a better one!

Hurry Home! is an excellent FemDom story which celebrates the sexiness of power. What I like about it, as a feminist, are the touches of realism. A woman describing her sexy plans with her husband on the phone as he drives home is so ... normal. I also love it when the Mistress quickly tells him the kids are at her parents. I love how that one line depicts people who have stable suburban weekaday family lives and also wild fun and laughter.

I like it when men write from a women's PoV as they usually make the woman more confident than we are in Real Life. I read once that if asked to discuss a body part, women will say demeaning things about ourselves: "I wish my arms weren't so fat," while men will talk about something they think is good about themselves: "I like my muscular calves." It's great to hear, spoken in three different women's voices: I am standing in front of the mirror right now and I have to admit, I look too sexy for words. My tits look absolutely fabulous in this corset and my legs look amazing in these stockings. Frankly I have to say my ass looks pretty great as well… even with this harness on. Even better, at least one version changes it to especially with this harness on

All three voiced versions of Hurry Home! have got beautiful and sexy voices, although I felt one voice possibly relished the FemDom role more and brought extra expression to the recording. (These are amateur recordings, I don't want to bring a heavy critical hand to bear on them.) I did personally prefer GoddessMarina's recording; she put on a strong assertive tone, and has a fiendishly sexy occasional rasp. 

Check them all out yourself; they are all delectable! and the story is classy and Hot. Possibly by now there are even more lovely versions of JonathanCrane's delicious naughty tale of a man hurrying home to his temptress of a wife. 

PS You might expect me as a feminist to be enthusing about FemDom stories, relishing some man asking ... nay begging! for a woman to dominate, control and chastise him. Actually, I am a postmodern humanist rather than a ball-breaking man-hater. I don't want to hear about anyone being treated to full-on abuse, male or female. (I'm not a po-faced gender police officer either, although I quite like uniforms - wink.) I like FemDom stories, if they are consensual and well written, because I like to see how people take the Realpolitik of gender relations, turn it inside out, give it a poke (wink) and have fun with it.  

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