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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

An Anal Fantasy for You

It's not hard to guess what Rimminglover is into, LOL. 

In this tender appeal, he spells out his passion for arse. If you were wondering how to go about anal sex, here is a poetic way to find out. Rimminglover writes about what he would like to do to his lover and lingers in detail on how he would go about fingering and fucking her.

I come across ... er, as it were (wink), a fair few writers who describe themselves as a 'dirty old man'. Often I find this is actually code for: gennelman of a certain age who is not yet braindead and has imagination, living in a society which is embarrassed about sex and makes us all feel guilty about wanting any. So it proves here. Rimminglover is clearly a man who is still up for it and willing to be adventurous. He addresses his would-be lover with respect and consideration, asking about her preferences and promising he will offer safe sex for her ease of mind as well as lubrication for ease ... OK, I will leave you to read about that bit (wink). 

The other thing I like about An Anal Fantasy for You is the realism. Rimminglover talks of his wish to be with a real woman, with body hair, not an airbrushed porn star. His exuberance about shit may not be to everyone's taste ... (I'll just leave that metaphor there <snerk>). We are constantly bombarded with adverts telling us our fluids and secretions can be perfumed, cleaned up, denied. It's good to read someone confessing he enjoys the way humans smell, to remember that sex is sweaty and gooey. Everyone has a pimple on their bum or a little excess chub or sweats more than they think is acceptable. The very thing you are worrying over may make you even more attractive, sexy and fun in bed. (Maybe not the pimple; go to the chemist and ask discreetly for some cream for that.)


Rimminglover said...

Thank you Ms Smith, for this review and your kind words. I would also like to thank KingsWoman for editing this story.

Naoko Smith said...

That's a pleasure Rimminglover! An appealing and practical little tale.
(PS, that's Dr. Smith - wink. Although don't show me your knee, I will only say: "How lovely, dahlink," and give it a grope.)

Anonymous said...

There is a lovely, earthy honesty about this little piece, as well as it being a celebration of real women. Bravo.