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Sunday, 8 November 2015

Beat-Off Buddies

"Fishnet Stockings" polish 
as reviewed on HerCampus.
One of the things I like about this story by Carnevil9, is how it immediately leaps into the sex. We are straight in the action, then there is an asterism (new word I learnt this week! meaning row of asterisks) and then we get good back story.

College students Jane and Donny are Beat-off Buddies. They both have long-standing partners living too far for regular sex, and don't want to cheat. When Donny's room-mate asks him to clear out for the night, Donny is mostly peeved because he intended to study. Dylan suggests he go round to Britney's room: her room-mate is also intending to study. However it slips out that Donny and Jane both intended to get a little solo satisfaction until they were thrust together. Jane makes a suggestion: why don't they masturbate together? It wouldn't be cheating - would it. And it would lessen the loneliness. 

A lot of the story is a guy fantasy, however written in such a respectful way that we girls can enjoy it just as much. Jane: great looks, red nail polish and sexy librarian glasses, is a modern chick with a lithe active mind as well as body. She is a keen student, not a slag like Britney. I feel a little sorry for Britney! who has been obliged to take on this slag role of screwing anything that moves, in order that Jane's forthright on-the-table sexuality doesn't look too down and dirty. Providing an even more slutty character is a smart way to ensure that a female character can be sexually adventurous without looking like a slut, although in the end it does still feed into the old virgin/whore dichotomy for women. 

I don't think I've ever read a story which listed quite so many hot ways to pleasure yourself! (I'm not convinced they are all humanly possible, LOL, but who cares when the writing is so good.) It's Jane who takes the lead in inventing interesting games to make the sex ever more exciting. We readers can of course derive God-like amusement from knowing that what Jane and Donny are up to is way more than just 'buddy' behaviour. The anticipation that they are soon going to be in water hotter than the hot tub sex memory (which I am unable to link to as it involves naughty unsafe sex) adds to our gleeful enjoyment of the show. 

That it's Jane who suggests the mutually satisfying study sessions does easily away with an issue for writers about consent and coercion. In Real Life, women are so frequently pressured and coerced into sex that any male character suggesting rumpy-pumpy without the benefits of a diamond engagement ring runs the risk of coming across as a brute. Sometimes that's fine: your werewolf and vampire characters are supposed to be so hungry for your gorgeous womanhood that they might get over-enthusiastic about encouraging you to give it up. However by handing the initiative to a female character, honour can be satisfied all round.

Jane is smart as well as pretty, and studies hard - apart from her relief sessions with Donny. (I would like to see the introduction of bright intellectual heroines in erotica as the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, however if you remember, I highlighted the disparity between men's admiration for bright young things and what they expect of women once they have married them in my review of Tennyson's Victorian poem as read by Kingswoman Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal.)

As an added inducement for the feminist critic, Jane's small breasts get good press, reassuring any young woman worried about her boobage. (Go here if that's you. Believe me, wrap 'em up in good lingerie and nobody will complain! except very old-fashioned bra-burning feminists. Gosh, Jane doesn't even bother to do that 'cuz her boobs are so small and we - and Donny - are not in the least disappointed about it.) 

I linked above to Chapter 1, here is the link to Chapter 2 and you must find Chapter 3 for yourselves as that's the one with the naughty unsafe sex in it. (Pssst - handy links to the other chapters are provided in whichever one you are reading - wink.)  

BTW, if you are planning to go to Spectre, which is not as good as I had hoped, I strongly suggest you read Carnevil9's hilarious Bond spoof Femme Fatale instead - which I am unable to link to again because of the risky activities (I'm not talking about the drugged Kokoreç). 


Anonymous said...

Wow! As the author of the stories reviewed in this post, I am honored to be mentioned on this blog by Naoko Smith and included in her fine reviews, and I am especially gratified by her kind words about my little stories.

My purpose in this series of stories was to explore the relationship between sexuality and friendship; about how we might achieve sexual gratificiation with or without venturing into the realm of actual emotional relationships. For myself, I have no idea what the answer to the question is. Can we or can we not sustain a sexual relationship without the emotional baggage that comes with it? I have no idea. But fiction can help us explore the possibilities, and venture into the realms of eventualities on both sides of the equation.

Anyway, I hope you, gentle readers, might find some pleasure in my little diversions. And maybe, just maybe, we can all learn a little something about ourselves. Nah, probably not. But maybe we can get a little sexual charge out of it!.....Carnevil9

Naoko Smith said...

Fiction is a great way to explore! especially when it comes with a spark-y charge like your stories deliver, Carnevil9 :)