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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Sarah's Stallion

This First Time novella about a young woman and a young man has several comments saying affectionately that it reminds them of their real life first time. The four chapters cover a wide range of activities as Sarah and the central protagonist Steve tentatively explore sex. There's lots and lots and LOTS of good information about sex, always in the context of a fun story.

I hesitated whether to label this a romance. It is a lovely sweet story, however the realistic detail is excellent, there is no air-brushing over the practical matters incorporated smoothly as part of the action - all those things you really worry about when you are thinking about sharing your body for the first time. Not just condoms but periods and whether your hymen is still intact, are discussed as natural parts of the story. There are excellent descriptions of Steve's and Sarah's intimate parts, which the two explore shyly, excitedly and with love.

(BTW, if you are a girl who was obsesseed with horses as a teen, this one is for you! as the stallion of the title is not in fact Steve, it's Sarah's horse Pegasus. Privates1stclass provides good background detail about horses and riding as well as on sex, LOL.) 

Sarah is Steve's equivalent of 'the girl next door' in the rural area they live in. Privates1stclass sketches their simple family lives, with ordinary tragedy - and the ordinary sublime pleasure of discovering sexuality. There is a slow build to the main action, plenty of back story, and although some comments grumble, this adds to the realism of the pleasurable tale. The writing style is sometimes gauche, as suits Steve's character

In Sarah's Stallion Ch 1, Steve and Sarah shyly start exploratory petting. Pegasus gets the serious action. Sarah has put him to stud with a mare called Honey, and the arousing equine activity leads to sexual excitement all round. This scene is skillfully described, primal and hot. (The embarrassing effects on Steve are described in detail, LOL.)

In the Hot Sarah's Stallion Ch 2, Steve and Sarah exchange graduation gifts. Privates1stclass makes it clear how difficult it is to have fantastic first time fireworks sex without considerable knowledge and experience, yet how touching and lovely that fumbling first time might still be. A couple of comments say how this account reminds them of their first time and how much better sex got later. One comment adds: "I wish.......... my first time had been so... romantic and loving... so gentle." 

I did used to wish myself that my own first time had been romantic. I made a clear decision that I wanted to pop my cherry, but I was petrified nevertheless! and it was all a bit nondescript. Reading an account that shows how most people's first time is not up to much made me feel much better about mine. I remembered that the guy I first had sex with was so Hot he was sizzling. He was whipcord thin, rode a motorbike, and had a totally undeserved bad reputation <snerk>. Although I found this hard to believe at the time (I was as underconfident as most teens), he totally adored me. After reading Chapter 2, I decided that I didn't care any more that the action that first time was humdrum, with the memory of that lean (and not actually at all mean) gorgeous dark leather-jacketed young man in my back pocket. 

Steve treats Sarah's hesitancy, her need to come to terms with her own heady desire for sex with him, with a constant respect. The story makes clear how this allows for a slowly growing mutual love which is much more meaningful than a firecracker of a first time. 

The fireworks start going off in Sarah's Stallion Ch 3, courtesy of some surreptitious advice Steve is smart enough to ask for from his more experienced friend. Bill has an older brother who has let him in on one or two secrets. One of the many good things about this story is how it maps out the importance of friends and family as budding sexuality comes to flower. Particularly cool are the helpful tips from the moms in the story, who even slip the young couple condoms to make sure mistakes that they confess they made are not made by their children. People sometimes say to me how brave I am that I have explained how sex works to Piglet (who is only 10 and says: Ewww! at snogging in films, LOL). I am always a bit boggled by this, I mean, that's how I actually did produce the grubby little monster, and so I surely ought to be able to talk to her about it! Anyway, I definitely mean to adopt the much cheaper strategy of slipping her a bit of cash to buy condoms and avoid having to bring up her children for her, just when I am looking forward to a time without little eyes peering over my shoulder at the latest story I am reviewing. (Never shoulda taught the kid to read.)

Awww, Sarah's Stallion Ch 04 made me cry! it was so romantic, ahhh. New tricks to the sex, too.

I think Privates1stclass probably did mean to write a wedding night chapter to this novella. The story concludes satisfactorily in Chapter 4, I don't think a wedding night could have added anything for us well satisfied readers; this is a sweet, hot and informative story enough without it. Awww, I am going to read Chapter 4 again now with some more tissues to hand, *sniff sniff* (and er ... something else in hand which Steve and Sarah try out - wink).

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