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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Three atmospheric shorties

A couple of highly accomplished Literotica writers have one page wonders in the Halloween competition this year. patientlee and MSTarot are experienced winners at crafting quality writing. These shorties are not all erotic and they are too short to be stories, more just scenes, but they are atmospheric, giving us mood with skill and eldritch flair. If you want to know how to set the scene for Halloween, go here.

And ... "what happened next?!" howl the commentators on The Hangin' Tree. They love the Southern ghost story atmosphere which MSTarot mixes in a heady witches' brew with a list of prosaic mall store names: Shoe Barn, Starbucks, Yoghurt Mountain FFS. There is superbly expressed scorn for the shallow capitalism symbolised by these superficial shopping mall outlets, for which space is cleared by tampering with forces the builders can't fathom. There is a wonderful character whose family history is entwined in the roots of the hangin' tree. And then? What next!

In Voices MSTarot again cleverly underlines the eerie tone by contrasting it with the mundane. Here a mundane sibling animosity is told with casual humour. The atmosphere is spot on, and there is a bit more story, but I'm still hanging here. And then? What next? 

patientlee's Intruders is a true story of a scary night. The suspense is killing, although I did keep thinking it was going to turn out to be her pussy ... I mean cat ;). 

These would all three be page-turners - if there were more than one page to turn, LOL 

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