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Monday, 4 May 2015

All That Jazz - First Time

From DHGate
I totally disagree with one grumpy commentator on this story, who complained that the music in the background is "annoying and distracting". I am with two musicians who said the addition of the music is "a touch of genius". The music is an integral part of the story, and of the action; a pleasure to hear in itself.

Here's my second in this set of audio reviews, this time I'm looking at another perfect (ho ho) story by that consumate professional: TheRavenFox. Perfect - review here, was written by a participant on Gone Wild Audio. This story was written by TheRavenFox herself and is up on Literotica.

From TheLingerieAddict
This is a teacher/student story; delicately handled. TheRavenFox is, as I've said, a consumate professional. While playing with this popular erotic scenario, she establishes firm ethical grounds: all participants are over 18, and the student - of love as well as music - is about to leave Miss London's tender tutorial care to go to college. Consent is carefully made clear. Devyn admits almost as soon as she appears in the story that she is in love with Miss London, Miss London has inner dialogue worrying about how inappropriate it would be to express her feelings for her (soon-to-be former) pupil. Miss London makes the first move - as befits the more experienced woman. However Devyn repeatedly asks for more, explicitly begging for Miss London to make love to her.

In All That Jazz - First Time, the two voices contrast and mingle in duet. Devyn's is a light, hesitant voice with an occasional trilling giggle, while Miss London's is a deeper, mature voice, sometimes with a note of anxiety in it. TheRavenFox utilises effects to ... uh, great effect! Not only the musical background, also an echo to indicate when characters are thinking rather than speaking aloud. The voices mingle at times as the characters think the same thing, then blend into sounds of kissing.

The writing is expertly done, too. When Miss London tells her student to play in the nude, you would think it would come across as contrived. However TheRavenFox gets us over this by inflecting Miss London's voice with hesitancy and Devyn's with astonishment: "Are you joking, Miss London?!" When the characters experience the emotions for us, we go along with improbable action. Miss London ostensibly describes what she's doing so that the virginal Devyn can understand better - as Devyn moans in ecstasy. This is not only hot, it of course allows us to picture the action without having to drop out of the dialogue. (Incidentally it also allows TheRavenFox to provide a surreptitious tutorial on masturbation for any woman who is not yet sure how that works.) At times Devyn calls her 'Dina' and at other times 'Miss London', managing to convey both that this is a story about sex between consenting adults, and keep the sexy teacher/student scenario going. There are some delicious phrases. When Devyn asks, with the shy inarticulacy of her young virginal character, for Miss London to make love to her on the piano: "It's where I've imagined you so often," Miss London says. "Your soft body against the hard cold piano." 

I shall make two little critical remarks here. One is that I don't think we are told what kind of piano it is: upright or grand. (I must go back and listen again! mmmmm.) I imagine it must be a grand piano for them to lie over it, but wondering about that did make me pause and drop out of the story for a moment. The other is more of a wishful fantasy of my own. Miss London describes Devyn's simple white cotton panties and bra, I wish Devyn had described for us Miss London's perhaps more elaborate lingerie. 

Part of what is so sexy about the story is the genuine knowledge about music. "You're still only playing the notes .... Jazz is one third one skill, one third style, one third heart and one third soul." TheRavenFox is so talented that she probably played the saxophone, and the piano, and sang the song at the end of this delicately lovely performance.

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