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Friday, 5 June 2015

Barbie Parody

There are a whole set of videos to watch here. If you loved Barbie when you were a kid, you will be blown away by these hilarious stop motion skits. 

Normally I am adamant about the safe sex rule on here. Even long-term married monogamous church-goers have to be using a condom at key moments: no spills in your thrills is The Rule. These videos in which Barbie is an alcoholic single mother of four dolls whom she pretends are her little sisters, are chocka full of unsafe sex! but I figure that they offer such a dire lesson about bad behaviour in general that they will make you reach for that little bit of reliable rubber. 

Barbie Parody on Youtube can be found here, and you can also find Sam and Mickey, the genius creators of Barbie Parody videos, on Facebook

These videos are not great solely because they show Barbie like you never thought of Barbie (OMG, try the one in which poor Skipper gets a job at McBurgers!), and yet always thought of her. If you did love Barbie you will still find the fab outfits and hilarious little plastic accessories that partly made her fun.

Sam and Mickey give Barbie excellent back story, as narrated in the fabulously awful Family Reunion (check the mother's wonderful Chanel style outfit BTW). This Barbie world is an interesting dystopia. Barbie is an A1 bitch, but she has consistent character which explains her bitchiness. She is an aspiring career girl, secretly and desperately in love with the hopeless Ken who has taken up with a Bratz doll. ("Really. A Bratz doll, Ken. That's low, even for you." - Sold Separately). In a neat satire on patriarchal capitalism, Barbie is controlled by Mattel who insist she must be an airhead blonde with boyfriend and never marry Ken in spite of them having four children. (See Valentine's Day.) Like many repressed intelligent women, she turns to drink and sarcasm. And the results are mordantly funny! 

This is a total tour-de-force, with some incidental satire on racism in the family's attitude to Yasmin the Bratz doll and occasional comments from Barbie wishing that her oldest daughter ... sister, Skipper, would turn out to be a lesbian.  

Snaps to the brilliant Sam and Mickey!

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