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Friday, 26 June 2015

Beginning Last Wednesday

I actually meant to read electricblue66's story to review - and I am going to do that as well. By accident I stumbled on his Tumblr blog, where a scattering of occasional words lie around some lovely charcoal and pastel and ink sketches. 

Languid female nudes in different poses. Sketching brings out the different beauties of different bodies. Voluptuous offers the full curves of breasts, hips and belly, her black robe a slender figure with a curiously appealing stance - one leg crooked slightly behind the other. 

I'm not so sure about the bondage drawings: the softness of charcoal as a medium doesn't seem suited to bondage. Although the red chair - a male nude - has an intensity to it, in this sketch the soft pastel lines emphasise the strain in his muscles.

How lovely, to have this thread of art to enjoy at the click of a switch. It actually was last Wednesday, LOL, when I came across: Beginning Last Wednesday.

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