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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Hot and Hairy

Artist Madison Mcclain
These two stories about body hair which celebrate women's natural beauty have been written at the same time as the recent phenomenon 'bedazzling'.

In Things Get Hairy Pt. 01, "Sara's armpits were a naughty little flash here and there, and because they were so unusual they became something of an obsession." The fun of being teased with occasional "pit-kitten" sightings compares favourably for wimpywelshwilly to the appearance of his protagonist's other colleague Gemma: "a bit of a plastic". Gemma is conventionally pretty but doesn't make the grade for fantasies in the "spank bank". 

This story demonstrates a witty mastery of characterisation: as in the image of the Barbie doll Gemma which is conjured up by bit of a plastic. The heroine Sara is sassy and sexy, her confident backchat gives Gemma pause for thought when Gemma has a go about her armpit hair. The story is flowing along pleasurably, with additional tension from the fact that the protagonist has to cheat on his girlfriend to enjoy full on hairy sex. There hasn't been a Pt 02 yet, in which presumably things with girlfriend Jasmine get even hairier? (Ho ho!) Sara is such a fun character, so full on real compared to the witless fashion victim Gemma, that I mainly wonder what Jazz is going to offer to win back her man. 

Wimpywelshwilly's writing has come on in the five years since he first started posting stories - like curl4ever's. I hope that encourages those of you considering making the plunge. It's not all about making an instant one hit wonder; it can be great fun to hone your writing craft. (And um, to post naughty stories <snerk>.)

I'm sure a liking for body hair is not just a Welsh thing! but another great story featuring natural hair is Married Work Colleagues by welshandproud. This is an excellent first effort. Like Things Get Hairy, it's a strong realist tale of everyday people who have to work hard for a decent living. The female protagonist is less in-your-face (literally!) than Sara. She wishes she could fully indulge her liking for her own body hair but hasn't quite (yet?) got the courage to do so. "Out of her friends in school she was one of the first to develop and they would make fun of how hairy she was and eventually the bullies found out and made her life hell, which in turn made her shave." 

Welshandproud has sensibly got an editor so his story has few of the usual starter writer errors. The one issue that remains is the tenses. The story tends to drop in and out of present and past tense at random. It would make sense for it to be told in the present when the protagonist is dreaming about her colleague: that would not only distinguish the dream from everyday normal time, it would make the sexy dream more 'in the moment' for us as readers. (See my review of Huck Pilgrim's Nude Day competition entry on his use of the present tense). 

On the upside, this is a fine piece of characterisation. Not naming the central character (yet?) makes us identify more closely with her. There is a vivid depiction of her mindset: the constant thinking about small domestic tasks, the long-term exhaustion of the working parent. When 'she' wakes from a sexy dream longing for something inside her, grabbing the hairbrush suggests both her femininity and a desperate womanly appetite for sex, too often denied in our airbrushed society. These well told mundane details lift this out of the simple stroke story category, and the sympathetic portrayal of an ordinary woman's secret longings make this a story for women as much as for men. 

I hope both of these stories get back into the hairy zone again soon! although I suspect they might stray into territory where my safe sex reviews can't follow. These are two accomplished sexy 'scenes' with fun celebration of a full-on, real and adult womanhood. I am kinda interested that the vehicle to carry those scenes is a cheating story in both cases and wondering where they're going to end up.

Some men like shaven, some like a 'landing strip' and for some, the wild untamed bush really turns them on. As women ourselves, we might prefer a trim or wax but that should be our choice. I was proud of my own 'pit kittens' at one time and other women said how much they admired that I had gone au naturel. In the end I started shaving because I have a favourite ivory coloured broderie anglaise sleeveless dress and the dark hair looked odd to me with it. Never mind what anyone-else thinks, my body hair is my own to play with - and invited guests ought to appreciate that <snerk>.

Here is a vid on Brazilian waxing, if you want to know how that works. I've often thought a story about being shaved by a loved one could be as sexy as these two fun romps which keep the hair on, but this doesn't look at all like a turnon! These guys now really appreciate what women go through if we want to be bare butt naked.

And, this is bedazzling. Hmm, maybe I could find some beads and tassels to go with my broderie anglaise dress? Or ... maybe not, LOL.


Anonymous said...

Since it connects with one of your favorite topics, I thought I would mention that as a male, I've found it advantageous to do a little trimming myself. Cutting the hairs near the base avoids the pain of hairs getting caught while rolling on or removing a condom. And avoids hiding that bit of length. ;)
- curl

Naoko Smith said...

LOL, I hope you leave a curl or two for us gurlzzz to toy with down there ;)