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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Put a Sock On It

Sock and pussy.
Thank you, Stickygirl, for drawing my attention to this great video teaching you how to put a sock on (wink). 

"Mississippi's new sex education law prevents teachers from showing teens how to use condoms. However, they CAN show kids how to protect their feet through correct and consistent sock use," says Sanford Johnson. He says he doesn't mind whether you wear athletic shoes or dress shoes (wink) as long as your foot is protected. 

I hand knit socks, LOL. I find it relaxing, and it helps pass the time on train journeys. Here's a pair I knitted to match my nail varnish ;). 

(Uh, just sayin' - my title is a joke. You can't really get protection from STDs and pregnancy with a sock - use a condom!)


Anonymous said...

This ain't he same as last time, but here goes. . . .

Anonymous said...

And the socks are very warm & comfortable.

Naoko Smith said...

Hooray! HP has been able to comment. I changed some of the comment settings and now some people who couldn't post Anonymous comments are able to do so - give it a go. Leave messages to say what you think of the reviews. :)

Adult Stuff Online said...

Really nice.

Naoko Smith said...

Thank you, my dear :)