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Monday, 7 December 2015

My Night with an Internet Stranger

This story is well written in a feisty way, and probably is true - as it claims to be. I like it for being a good How To about casual sex. Plus there is plenty of sex described in luscious detail.

In My Night with an Internet Stranger, lolaenglish - or Suze, as she reveals her actual name to be, finally decides to have sex with someone she has never met, in the flesh. Suze talks frankly about her early enjoyment of wanking off. She describes how she got into exhibiting herself on webcam, having fun with a banana, and how she enjoyed men watching her, while watching them cum in the split screen. "It always felt a bit grubby when it was over, but was always insanely sexy at the time."

After a while, this isn't enough for Suze. She decides to go on Gumtree and advertise for casual sex. She is amazed by the number of responses, LOL. One of the well-written realist touches of the story is how carefully she describes the way she has to comb through the stack of responses, whisky in hand, in order to pick out Prince Charming-for-the-night. 

From Ugahealthydawg's blog.
Suze talks in detail about issues like personal safety: she is in a shared house, so she knows people will hear her if she needs to call for help; and condoms. (Lots of condoms used in fun ways! Yayyy!) She describes how nervous she felt as she started out on her first night with a stranger she picked up online.

Luck is with her and she bags a handsome man 'with a cheeky glint in his eye'. They have a great time, which Suze describes in a way which makes it clear that you should only do this sort of thing if you are well up for it. As he leaves, he even says: "Let's do it again some time." 

Will has a posh voice which turns Suze on even more:  
"You hot little whore." He moaned in his cut-glass accent
His filthy talk is interspersed with moments of tenderness and admiration for her body. He accuses her of being a slut who does this kind of thing all the time and charges for it, adding: "I know I'd fucking pay." Then, as he makes his way off into the night, he kisses her kindly and sensually.

The only realist touch she left out is, she forgot to give us his number! LOL. 


Anonymous said...

I really like your blog. Your review made me want to read the story but - and this is just a personal opinion - I would have liked it more without the "LOLs". It's silly and has no place there.

Naoko Smith said...

Thanks for your feedback. I try to lighten the tone and make it chatty, but perhaps it is a bit too casual.

Anonymous said...

No, casual is fine and I really like the friendly, "chatty" tone of your blog. It's just that the "LOL" (or other text/chat speak)is jarring in a story review. Sorry. I didn't mean to make a big deal of it.

Naoko Smith said...

I am really looking for feedback, so it's very helpful. I'll have a think about it :) Tx ;)