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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Lusting While Dusting

A hilarious little gem - the writing is light, airy - and funny!  

Cover for 'Lusting While Dusting'
A male employee of a nude cleaning company is sexually harassed by a sexy female client in this very short story.

Lusting While Dusting is a breath of air freshener! The story did leave me panting for more, because it's so sexy, a hilarious tease.

I'm not saying it's feminist because it's about a man who cleans the house (as part of an erotic service). There is a strong female character who makes it plain what she wants but even that's not the whole of it. As women we often fail to realise how powerful we are. Dora can reduce the central character to spluttering uncertainty - and she knows it.

I sometimes write (sometimes humourously!) about the lack of value placed on housework, so the idea of being paid to do it - uh, and a few other things too - is scoring well in my book. I love it that Aussie Scribbler makes housework a sensuous activity.

Good clean fun (mostly!)


Aussiescribbler said...

Wow! Thanks for the review. I hate housework and so I live in a pig sty. I think doing it in the nude with a woman watching me might be the only kind of inspiration that would work for me. I very much need to learn your techniques to stop seeing housework as a burden.

This story was actually written as a response to Kendall Swan's short story Naked Housecleaning as part of a blog post I did about the erotic possibilities of the occupation of maid or house cleaner. This is why the story is so short. It was originally meant only as a little piece of fun in the middle of a longer post. Kendall said she was unaware of the phenomenon of nude house-cleaning services. She thought the idea of a man asking his sexy cleaning lady to work nude was original to herself, but male and female nude cleaning services have been going on in various parts of the world for a number of years now. I even included a YouTube video about one of the services in my post :

Anthropological Mum said...

Housework is taking care of yourself, so of course in today's neurotic world we mostly struggle with it.
Actually I am a rotten housewife! with cupboards full of ants and spiders that I am reluctant to kill because of my Buddhist principles. I feel like they were probably there before the house was built and why shouldn't they have a corner of the cupboards. But when the ants started eating our favourite biscuits I had to do something so instead of laying out saucers of ant poison and shouting at my child if she went near them, I cleaned the cupboards. I was supposed to be writing a chapter on sexuality in Islam at the time, I had the most supportive editor who would tell me about his own struggles with housework when I said, Sorry it's late, we had ants in the cupboards. It was a really nice time. And the ants moved into the rose bushes. Mostly though I practice avoidance tactics on housework by blogging about it on my Anthropological Mum blog instead of doing it!
I love your stories, which I'm slowly working through on Smashwords, they are so funny and full of women who just do it! - um, not housework that is.

Aussiescribbler said...

I'm glad I'm not a Buddhist! It's hard enough for me to put up with sharing my house with an annoying cat without having to also tolerate creepy crawlies. (I am quite fond of huntsmen though.) :o)