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Thursday, 12 July 2012


If you ever felt you were a dirty slut for having a quick fiddle to ease the yearning, you should read what Melissa gets up to!  The heights of self-pleasure are explored in this freebie.  

Cover for 'Melissa'
Sometimes there is only one person that can truly satisfy a beautiful woman...and that is herself.

Quick, hot story featuring masturbation. 

Melissa is a steamy imaginative lover - to herself. She thinks about asking others to join in but she seems to be having too much fun to bother! Free story, so indulge yourself ....

Does this count as a feminist piece? since Melissa consistently calls herself a whore for pleasuring herself. Well, given that she does this only to increase her pleasure, maybe. Could she have called herself a raging beauty instead? That wouldn't have had the same down and dirty feeling. Women can feel an anxious hatred for ourselves when we become sexual - and here Melissa lightly twists that to make it pleasurable.

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Anthropological Mum said...

I had a further thought about the way that Melissa croons insults as she pleasures herself. As part of the Madonna/Whore dichotomy we women get forced into, we may feel a need to lay claim to names like whore/slut in order to validate having sexual pleasure. This might not be done in a negative way, in doing so we might reclaim negative words. In the 1960s, 'black is beautiful' was reclaiming the word 'black' and G.A.Y. - good as you is also an effort to do this. (The philosopher Foucault calls this reverse discourse.)
On my other blog I've written about how Erin Pizzey reclaims the word 'slut' in her Slut's Cookbook.