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Monday, 31 December 2012

A Werewolf in Office Clothing

I looked long and hard (and I found some interesting long hard things on my journey!) for a werewolf story with safe sex, as I know werewolves are popular.  Then one suddenly jumped up in my own head and scratched and whined until I let it out for a run.    

Could man's best friend be a woman's best friend?

A Werewolf in Office Clothing
 is not only a werewolf story but also an office romance.  (Also available free on Literotica and on Amazon Kindle.)  

The story got several one star reviews on, one labelling it "depraved filth" (<snerk>). It also has several five star reviews. I am sure people are not so basic as to rush to read a story because it's been called "depraved filth" (wink), so the enormous number of downloads must be because people are curious about why there is such a range between the ratings. 

It's true it was badly edited, LOL, but I don't think that should lead people to say it made them put their entire collection of werewolf erotica to the back of their virtual bookshelf (bwaaa hahaha!). 

OK, that poor woman called it "depraved filth" cuz it is a little beastly in places (wink). I just thought, if you have a boyfriend who is a werewolf, it would not really be like having this hunky beast who ravages you mercilessly, it would be more like having a hunky man who is sometimes a super pet dog (<snerk>).

I enjoyed writing the story and I had enough enthusiastic comments that I decided to start writing up stories about the whole pack of werewolves, which I am two thirds of the way through now. You can find links to the chapters in A Pack of Tales on my About Me page. It's not a traditional werewolf story, however there is plenty of hot action and exciting drama.

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