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Thursday, 20 December 2012

The van H'las Bride Who Brought Honour in Her Pocket

This is one of my own novellas.  It's a gentle romance about a student who thinks the man her parents have chosen for her isn't the kind of man she wants to marry.  The first half of the story is a romance and the second half, after the wedding, is erotica.  

The el Gaiel men are rumoured to be well-endowed. 

After the scandal of his brother’s behaviour, Captain-Lord Vadya el Gaiel van H’las has little hope of an honourable bride. But perhaps some have a better appreciation of his true worth. Lady Anastelle el Jien is the daughter of an astute political operator but also of that flashing beauty and wit Dame Anastelle Yrai. When she turns her eyes on Captain-Lord el Gaiel her friends whisper that the el Gaiel men are well-endowed. Ana does not of course care about a lot of castles and beach resorts but then she is lured in by someone she ought not to have trusted and she realises she needs a man of honour.

Because The van H'las Bride Who Brought Honour in Her Pocket has a spoiler for my novel from page 1, I put a small price on it. However I'm happy to offer a 50% off coupon code for it on Smashwords and if you contact me and tell me you've at least read the free sample for the novel, I'll probably give you more off as this is my favourite story and I regret not feeling able to put it out and about more freely.  

This story has a companion story which I haven't highlighted on here as there is a scene in it of marginally dubious consent. (That is how mean I am, I won't even review some of my own stories on here!) The two stories are about two cousins and the different kinds of women they end up marrying.  I wanted to explore two different kinds of female character and say that whoever you are, it's OK.  This story is also a companion to The Low Lovers of Dame Anastelle Yrai - this is the story of Anata Yrai's daughter.  Ana el Jien is more serious than her playful mother and has different ambitions in life.  

Whatever the women characters are like in my stories I make sure they have a thoroughly good time in bed!  

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